Mom Truths

Real moms. Real stories. In this series, Cat & Nat share all of the dirty details of being mothers and wives. Nothing is left unsaid!

Mom Truths | Moms Through the Decades

So much has changed over the years. This is what "momming" looked like through the eras.

Mom Truths | Mom Shaming Stops HERE

No matter what you do as a mom, it's never going to be right. But you just do you do you, because you're doing a great job!

Mom Truths | Ways to Escape "The Hunt"

In every relationship, there is the hunter and the hunted (aka the prey). We're sharing all the ways to escape the hunt.

Mom Truths | Why Mommy Drinks

There are SO MANY reasons why mommy needs a drink...these are just a few of them.

Mom Truths | The Bachelorette: Mom Edition

Motherhood is exactly like The Bachelorette minus the delicious cocktails and make out sessions.

Mom Truths | New Year's Resolutions for Moms

A mom's New Year's resolutions are MUCH different than anyone else's resolutions...

Mom Truths | How to Survive The Holidays

The only way you're going to get through the holidays is with our mom hacks !

Mom Truths | What They DON'T Tell You About Childbirth

As moms to seven kids, we feel it's our responsibility to let you know what to actually expect when you have a baby...

Mom Truths | What Moms REALLY Want for Christmas

We don't need a shopping spree, a spa day, or the gift of time alone. We only want this ONE thing for Christmas...

Mom Truths | To Our Husbands: Here's Everything We WANT You To Do, But Don't Actually Want You To Do

We're NOT just don't get us women. Hopefully this video helps!

Mom Truths | Why Moms Lose Their Sh*t So Often

Once you become a mom, there are approximately 1,852 things that will cause you to lose your sh*t at any given time. Here are just a few of those things...

Mom Truths | Going Back to Work

ATTENTION Employers: it is in your best interest to hire moms. Let us tell you why...

Mom Truths | TOO MANY KIDS!

You know you have too many kids when...

Mom Truths | NEW Parenting Styles

When did parenting styles become a thing? And WHY are there so many? Here are the ones we'd like to add to the list !

Mom Truths | PSA to all Husbands: Why You Aren't Getting That Pony Ride

Ladies, if your husband is wondering why his pony isn't getting a ride, show him this video.

Mom Truths | Motherhood Is a Hangover

Motherhood is basically one massive hangover without the drinking and the fun...

Mom Truths | Give Moms a Break

People just don't get it. Life with kids is HARD, so why not make it a little easier for us moms by smiling and telling us IT'S OK.

Mom Truths | What a Girl Wants

This one is for all the men out there! We're breaking it down and letting you know what women really want.

Mom Truths | Are You Ready to Be a Mom?

Are you ready to be a mom? Take this test and find out!

Mom Truths | What Moms REALLY Think

If moms were honest and we said exactly what's on our mind, we'd probably lose all of our friends and family...

Mom Truths | Mom Problems

Moms experience a whole different set of problems compared to everybody else in the world.

Mom Truths | How Not to F**k Up Your Kids

Just two average moms over here trying not to f**k up our kids and sharing all of our tips with you.

Mom Truths | Mom Brain

We're taking you through a day in the life of a mom's brain.

Mom Truths | Child's Punishment = Mom Dream

Every single thing a kid complains about is the same thing us moms dream about. What's your dream punishment? Let us know down below!

Mom Truths | Back to School Resolutions

Back to school is like the start of brand new year for moms, which is why we come up with a million and one completely unrealistic resolutions that will never stick. Take the pressure off, moms. Whatever it is you're doing (or not doing), you're doing a good job!

Mom Truths | We're NOT Going to Miss....

There are certain things we don't love about motherhood, certain things we're NOT going to miss about having young kids. These are them...

Mom Truths | 5 Lies You Believe Leading Into Motherhood

Motherhood is full of LIES. We're breaking them down for you and sharing one honest truth at the end.

Mom Truths | Girls Night Out

When moms get a chance to go out, this is how it goes down...

Mom Truths | Mom Fantasies

There are so. many. things. that turn a mom on. We're sharing our dirty little secrets and letting you know what gets us in the mood.

Mom Truths | Mom Dates

Mom Dates are so much like ACTUAL dating. You're really just looking for your perfect fit, your Cat to your Nat, but hot dang it can be hard!

How to Avoid a Hostile Situation with Your Humans

Life with toddlers and teenagers is just one big crazy train, so buckle up! We're sharing tips on how to avoid a hostile situation with your people.

Mom Truths | 80's Moms Had It Made

It's back to the future this week! We're letting 80's moms know just how outrageous mom life is in 2017.

Mom Truths | R-E-S-P-E-C-T

R-E-S-P-E-C-T... find out what it means to us!

Mom Truths | Why Dads Are Killing It at Parenting

It's no joke that dads are seriously killing it at this parenting gig. If only we could be more like them...

Mom Truths | Teen Life vs. Mom Life

Ladies, you don't just leave everything behind when you graduate high school. It all comes back once you have kids. Being a teenager and being a mom are so similar!

Mom Truths | The Phases of Summer

When it comes to summer vacation with the kids, we have the same expectations and the same realities every. single. year.

Mom Truths | What the Heck Is Balance?!

We're no gymnasts, so we're just going to go ahead and boycott balance. Who's with us?! That sh*t does NOT exist.

Mom Truths | Sex BEFORE Baby vs. Sex AFTER Baby

There's nothing like pushing a human being out of your body to make you feel a little differently about...everything to do with your body!

Mom Truths | Shit You'll Never Hear on Mother's Day

Bet you won't hear this on Mother's Day...

Mom Truths | What We Really Mean When We Say...

Ok Moms! This is what we REALLY mean when we say, look, or do any of the above.

Mom Truths | Why We HATE the Park

We're letting you in on our dirty little secret - we CANNOT stand the park. Now let us tell you the million reasons why...

Mom Truths | Why Me?

WHY are women responsible for doing all the things that men are fully capable of doing??

Mom Truths | Sh*t Moms NEVER Say

Once you have kids, you can be sure that none of these statements will come out of your mouth ever again. This is all the sh*t moms NEVER say.

Mom Truths | You Will DEFINITELY Mess Up Your Kids

No matter what you do as a mom there is one guarantee, and it is that you are definitely going to mess up your kids.

Mom Truths | First Baby vs. Second & Third Baby

Motherhood looks a whole lot different the second and third (and fourth and fifth...) time around! This is what life is like with your first baby versus every other kid after that.

Mom Truths | How Hanging Out With Drunk People Prepares You For Motherhood

If you want to know what it's like to be a mom, just hang out with a drunk person. It's basically the same thing...

Mom Truths | How to Stop Worrying for Worrying Moms

This one is for all moms who are always worrying about something... STOP WORRYING!!

Mom Truths | The Baby Boss

The Baby Boss (aka a toddler) is the worst type of boss you can have!

Mom Truths | What Sex is Like After Having Kids

Mom sex is pretty much just like working out and here's why!

Mom Truths | Mom Jobs

When you have a baby, you don't just become a mom - you become a maid, a nurse, a hairdresser and a million other things.

Mom Truths | 70s Moms Had it Made

Oh, to be a mom in the 70s...

Mom Truths | Why Moms Are Tired

There are over 19,702 reasons why moms are always exhausted, but we were too tired to list ALL of them in this video...

Mom Truths | How Clubbing Prepares You for Motherhood

Clubbing and motherhood are basically the same thing. We're breaking down all the similarities!

Mom Truths | The ONLY Parenting Advice You Need

We're sharing the only advice you'll ever need as a parent.

Mom Truths | MOMS vs DADS

The difference between moms and dads is...everything.

Mom Truths | 90s Moms Had it Made

'90s moms had it so much easier than millennial moms, and we're listing off all the reasons why.

Mom Truths | The Best of 2016

A look back at all of our favourite #MOMTRUTH moments from 2016!

Mom Truths | Mom's New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year from the Cat & Nat crew!

Mom Truths | Celebrating the Holidays with the Kids

Pre-holiday mom truth and we just can't wait for it to get started!

Mom Truths | What Not to Buy My Kids!

Don't fall for it! Here's the mom truth on what not to buy our kids for Christmas.

Mom Truths | Mom Hacks For Surviving The Holidays

A few mom hacks to help you through the chaos of the holidays.

Mom Truths | You Know You're Doing a Good Job When...

This one is for every mom out there who doesn't get the recognition and appreciation she deserves. You're doing a GOOD job!! ...even if your tiny little tyrants are telling you otherwise.

Mom Truths | Toddler Tantrums

Toddlers know how to throw it down. We're listing off all the different types of tantrums and the reasons why these little people act crazy on the daily.

Mom Truths | Contradictions of Motherhood

What is a mom truth? A mom truth is a contradiction of motherhood. And when you get honest about motherhood, you realize that everyone has the same mom truths.

Mom Truths | 7 Things to Do to Make Your Wife Happy

Listen up, husbands, because this one's for you! Us women are really quite simple people. We don't need a lot...we just need these seven things from you to make us happy.

Mom Truths | Mom Shaming

Sadly, mom shaming (aka mommy wars) is huge in today's society. Bottle/boob. Organic/non-organic. Work/stay at home. Sleep train/co-sleep. When it comes to parenting, NO ONE SHOULD CARE WHAT YOU CHOOSE TO DO. Spoiler alert: Your kid will turn out just fine!!

Mom Truths | Moms vs. Dads: The Checklist

Let's get real here, moms and dads have very different checklists when it comes to, well...absolutely everything.

Mom Truths | Instagram Mom Myths

We can pretty much guarantee that behind every perfect post on Instagram, there's a gong show taking place. So, we're breaking down the 7 myths of the Instagram mom.

Mom Truths | Mom Fantasies

Everything changes once you have a baby, including your fantasies... We're revealing all of the things we fantasize about now that we're moms!

Mom Truths | What a New Mom Really Needs

There are ten thousand lists of things a new mom needs for when she has a baby...but then there's our list of what a new mom REALLY needs.

Mom Truths | Dear Parenting Expert

Moms are bombarded with an absurd amount of parenting advice on the daily, but here's what we have to say to those parenting "experts"...

Mom Truths | Why Mommy Drinks

There are SO MANY reasons why mommy needs a drink... We're listing off as many as we can in under four minutes. Aaaannd go!

Mom Truths | What They Don't Tell You About Being a Mom

Motherhood is supposed to be magical, right? WRONG. These are all the things that no one ever tells you about having a baby.

Mom Truths | Things Moms Think About

There are approximately 7,951 things a mom thinks about every single night before bed. We're listing off all the thoughts that go through our head before we wake up and do mom life all over again the next day...

Mom Truths | Blooper Reel

Just when you thought you knew all of our secrets and mom truths, we're bringing you some special behind-the-scenes footage. It doesn't get more real than this!

Mom Truths | Mom Secrets

We're letting the cat out of the bag and revealing all of those secrets that us mamas like to keep to ourselves. We know you're thinking it, doing it, or thinking about doing it...because we are, too!

Mom Truths | The Mom Break

There's a whole new meaning to the term "break," once you become a mom. For example, standing in the shower alone is the new spa day, and you better enjoy all three precious minutes of it...

Mom Truths | First Day of School Drop Off

Summer is coming to an end, which means school is just around the corner. When first day of school drop off comes around, there is a guarantee that your kid is going to fall into one of these classic categories.

Mom Truths | Expectation vs. Reality

The expectations of a family trip are completely different than the reality of it. A vacation isn't actually a vacation when you bring kids's just a relocation.

Mom Truths | Are You Ready for Another Baby?

Are you ready for another baby? Take our quiz and find out!

Mom Truths | Mom Convos

It doesn't matter where we are or who we're with...when a mom sees another mom with a baby, there is a specific list of ridiculous questions we are guaranteed to stop and ask that mama.

Mom Truths | Bad Moms Are Good Moms

It's #MomTruths LA edition brought to you by Bad Moms. After talking with the cast of Bad Moms, we left with one important takeaway: bad moms are actually good moms (which means we're good moms...).

Mom Truths | What We Never Knew Before Babies

We used to fantasize about becoming mothers. We thought it would be magical - our baby and our life would be perfect. Well, we were SO wrong. Here's what we never knew before having our first baby!

Mom Truths | Why Moms Hate Playdates

Our kids love having their friends over to play, but there are a million reasons why we hate playdates. We're listing them off in our latest mom truth rant!

Mom Truths | Mom Guilt

Whether you're a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or a working/stay-at-home mom, you'll always feel guilty about something. But we say, f*ck the mom guilt, mamas!

Mom Truths | Types of Instagram Moms

We know them, we follow them, we are them: The Instagram Moms. We're breaking down the types of moms we see on Instagram every day.

Mom Truths | The Sprinkle

This one is for all those moms who don't know what a sprinkle is, and for all those who wish they didn't know what a sprinkle is...

Mom Truths | The Real Childhood Stages

Let's get real about motherhood. In this video, we break down the "real" stages of childhood development.

Mom Truths | Lies We Tell Our Kids

From calling the cops to making it clear that Santa is ALWAYS watching, these are some of the lies we tell our kids on a daily basis.

Mom Truths | How Not To Say "No"

As moms, we are always told that the word "no" is harmful to say to our kids. So, in this video, we break it down for you on some alternatives to the word "no". Of course we can't be too serious...

Mom Truths | Sh*t Moms Say

There are just too many cliche mom sayings, so we had to make another video! Check out Part 2 for all of the sh*t moms say.

Mom Truths | Getting Yourself in the Mood!

This one is for all you mamas who would rather lie in bed and sleep than "do it"! We break down some tips on how to get in the mood.

Mom Truths | Flaky Moms

Moms are full of excuses. We have a long list of reasons why we shouldn't go out, but we only live once, and we need to STOP BEING SO FLAKY! Don't cancel your plans, moms, because you're wasting your life and losing your friends.

Mom Truths Carpool Series | Julia Grieve

This week's Mom Truths carpool is with Julia Grieve of Preloved. She gives us some insight into the #momtruths of tweens....#scared

Mom Truths Carpool Series | Yolanda Gampp

This week's Mom Truths carpool is with cake baker and YouTube sensation Yolanda Gampp - How To Cake It. Join us for the ride as we share our mom confessions!!

Mom Truths Carpool Series | Beth Barnes

This week's Mom Truths carpool is with Beth Barnes of Join us for the ride...and hear our deepest, darkest #momtruths!

Mom Truths Carpool Series | The Rebel Mama

Welcome to our newest series - #MomTruths Carpool. This week we carpool with Nikita from and chat #momtruths.

Mom Truths | Getting to Know Us

Here is everything you never knew about us, literally everything. This is more than just our mom truth - it's our truth about everything!

Mom Truths | How To Be a "Good" Parent

We all know the articles that are shared daily on the How To's of Parenthood. We thought that we should sum them all up for you and let you know how you should parent.

Mom Truths | The Hunter or The Hunted

In every relationship, there is the hunter and the hunted (or the prey). Rarely are both partners on the same page sexually. Watch the video for our tips on how to escape the hunter!!

Mom Truths | It Doesn't Mean S*X

This week, we break down why, sometimes, a hug is just a hug and holding hands doesn't mean you're going to get "it"! We discuss the difference between men and women when it comes to affection.

Mom Truths | How to Prepare for Motherhood

Between the two of us we have 7 kids, so we know what it's like to deal with newborn babies. Here are our tips on how to prepare for motherhood.

Mom Truths | How to Be a Famous Instagram Mom

In this week's Mom Truth video, we break down how to be a successful Instagram mom.....because you know there is a science behind it.

Mom Truths | The Moms We Are NOT

In this week's Mom Truth video, we're telling you all about the mom we're NOT. What kind of mom are you NOT? It's can be honest.

Mom Truths | Things You Should Stop Worrying About

Are you a mom who worries about everything...all the time? STOP! We're giving you the run-down on all the things you shouldn't waste your time worrying about.

Mom Truths | Presents, Sexy Pictures, and Celebrities

Christmas is just around the corner! This week's Mom Truth is about presents for the kids...and the hubby.

Mom Truths | Cliché Mom Sayings

Justin Bieber, Starbucks and Cliché Mom Sayings!

Mom Truths | The Female-Male Relationship

In this week's Mom Truth video, we talk about what life would be like if we were a couple and how much easier it may actually may be!

Mom Truths | Attention All Husbands

PSA: Attention all husbands, we blame you for our lack of guilt-free, girls' weekend getaways!

Mom Truths | Moody Kids

The struggle of raising kids is so real. This week it's all about moody kids. WHY are they so moody?!

Mom Truths | "Bad" Words

Our kids are saying bad words! Are we supposed to just ignore it, empathize with their behaviour, or ...what!?

Mom Truths | Husbands and Vacations

This week's Mom Truth video is filmed from a beautiful beach in Mexico! We're talking all about vacations with our husbands. We're the managers and CEOs of the family, and that doesn't seem to change while on vacation. Being a mom is a lot of work!

Mom Truths | Extracurriculars & Hypnosis

Can't we just forget about extracurricular activities for our kids? Or are they going to be behind in life if we don't get them involved? This week we're talking all about extracurriculars and Natalie getting hypnotized, of course.

Mom Truths | Head of the Household

This video is about the leader of the family. Can there be just one? Do you or your partner know who the leader is?

Mom Truths | Postpartum

This week's video is all about postpartum. We talk about the real feelings after baby's born.

Mom Truths | The "One More Baby" Debate

How do you decide to have that third or fourth baby? This week we're talking all about how we convinced our husbands to have just one more baby!

Mom Truths | When Will We Get It Together!?

"When are we going to get it together?" ...something we ask ourselves every day. Here are our thoughts on "schlepping it."

Mom Truths | What Really Happens Post Delivery

Everyone always talks about their labour and delivery, but then the story just stops. So, this week we're telling you what no one talks about after you deliver the baby.

Mom Truths | Reality of Breastfeeding A Third Baby

The real, honest truth about breastfeeding your third baby.

Mom Truths | Putting Spice Back in the Bedroom

How do real moms put the spice back in the bedroom? We read an article, and we're sharing some tips and tricks with you.

Mom Truths | Scripts for Husbands

In this week's Mom Truth video, we're giving husbands some tips on things they should say to us mamas.

Mom Truths | Our Approaches to Parenting

In this video, we're telling you how we deal with our kids when they misbehave (hint: we disagree on this issue). How do you handle it? Do you bribe or punish them for bad behaviour?

Mom Truths | If You Could Have A Redo

If you could have a redo, what would you do? We're playing all kinds of fun games in this week's Mom Truths video!

Mom Truths | The Realities of Parenting

The realities of parenting. What do you do when your kids push you to the edge and break you down!?

Mom Truths | Moms aka Personal Slaves

Just so you know, kids actually need a lot of assistance. The number of things we need to do for our children is ridiculous! Here's a little rant on life as moms (aka. our kids' personal slaves).

Mom Truths | Least Favourite Mom Jobs

This week's Mom Truths is an honest confession. We're naming off all of our least favourite mom jobs...and it's a long list. What mom jobs do you dread the most?

Mom Truths | The Thankless Job

Mother's Day is SO important, because let's be real...moms have a thankless job.

Mom Truths | The Reality of Marriage

Why does no one talk about marriage?! We're opening up and chatting about the reality of relationships.

Mom Truths | Taking $#X Out of the Equation

What would happen if you took sex out of the equation of any relationship? We're talking about it in this week's Mom Truths.

Mom Truths | Roses and Thorns

An inside look at dinner at Natalie's house. Disastrous hair, messy house, microwave fails, kiddo drama, and roses and thorns. That's what it's all about!

Mom Truths | Newborns Are So...

Catherine's pregnant but, in this week's Mom Truth, she admits that she just doesn't feel like having a baby...

Mom Truths | Momhood = Many Moments of Crisis

Motherhood is made up of one crisis after another. But as moms, we have no other option than to figure it out. Instead of freaking out, we stop, we get calm, and we problem solve!

Mom Truths | Pressure of Raising Kids

Holy $H!T...we have to raise our children to become functioning adults!? This week's Mom Truth video is all about the pressure of raising kids.

Mom Truths | Afraid to Poke the Bear

Is your kid a ticking time bomb? Are you afraid to poke the bear? We feel your pain...that's why we're talking all about it in our latest Mom Truth video.

Mom Truths | Breastfeeding

In this Mom Truth video, we talk openly and honestly about the anxiety, guilt, and pressure we feel when it comes to breastfeeding our babies.

Mom Truths | The Hunter & The Hunted

In every relationship, there is the hunter and the hunted (or the prey). Rarely are both partners on the same page sexually. Watch the video to find out how to escape the hunter!!

Mom Truths | Moms Can't Call in Sick

Why aren't moms more celebrated!? We have to take care of the kids and the house, and go to work, and manage the relationship, and look good AND...we don't get any sick days!!

Mom Truths | What Drives Us Crazy

Kids, husbands, mothers - Mom Truths are all about what drives us crazy each week.