Mom Truths | Why Mommy Drinks

There are SO MANY reasons why us moms need a hot minute to ourselves to enjoy a glass (or three) of wine. Here are just a few of them…

  • Labour
  • The six-week mark when you get the OK to do the dirty
  • Nap time, bath time, bedtime
  • Long days
  • Two-year-olds
  • Playdates
  • Christmas concerts, Spring concerts, curriculum nights
  • In-laws
  • Caillou, Elmo, The Wiggles
  • Snowsuits, carseats
  • Family road-trips
  • Crying, hitting, biting, screaming
  • Laundry
  • Doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, shots
  • Date nights

And the list goes on and on and on, but we’re just going to stop here because thinking about all of this really makes us want a cocktail¬†?

Check out our latest #MOMTRUTH video below for more reasons why mommy needs a drink!