Mom Truths | Mom Shaming Stops HERE

No matter what you do as a mom, it’s not going to be right…according to women who want to tell you how it is and how to be, even though you’re trying your dang hardest!

We often talk about the challenges of motherhood, but no one ever talks about the challenges we put on each other as women and as moms.

It’s like you can never be mom enough. Someone is always going to tell you you’re doing it wrong…

If you look banging, you have low self-esteem because you spend too much time doing your makeup.

If you workout, you’re too skinny and unhealthy.

If you’ve had Botox, you’re not setting a good example for your daughter.

If you’ve completely given up and look like a disaster, you need to stop obsessing over your children and focus on yourself.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you need to get out of the stretchy pants and put on some real clothes.

If you’re a working mom, you don’t dedicate enough time to your kids.

We are each other’s worst critics and it NEEDS TO STOP. Instead of judging one another, we need to smile at each other, build each other up, respect each other and know that we’re all in this together.

You’re doing a GREAT job. NEVER forget that.

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