Mom Truths | We All Need This Kinda Mom Friend

It’s no secret that motherhood is HARD. You know what else is hard? Marriage. Marriage is hard. And this whole adulting thing? Hard.

The simple, monotonous life we live can be so dang hard! That’s why it’s crucial to have a mom friend to help us get through the difficult moments, days and years…

We All Need THIS Kind of Friend:

A friend who doesn’t judge you when you send a text saying your kids are for sale.

A friend who doesn’t tell everyone you’re getting divorced after you let her know you don’t like your husband right now.

A friend who doesn’t think you’re gross for sharing your highly unfortunate situation with her (hemorrhoids, heavy flow, sh*t in your pants…it happens).

A friend who comes over and you don’t have to worry that your house looks like a tornado just ripped through it.

A friend who knows you love your children and your husband even when you’re complaining about them and who suggests alone time and wine to help you survive.

That kinda friend. We all need one.

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