Mom Truths | First Baby vs. Second & Third Baby

We’ve done this whole “having a baby” thing a few times now, and one thing we’ve learned is that motherhood looks a heck of a lot different the second, third and fourth time around!

With the first baby, everything is new and exciting (and absolutely terrifying), and you go above and beyond to try and be the perfect mom and give your baby the perfect life (which FYI is 100% impossible).

But when you throw a few more kids into the mix things change, including the pregnancy, the birth, the activities, the food, and pretty much everything else.

The one thing that doesn’t change is the crazy amount of love you have for each little person you bring into the world. And that love will always be enough.

Cat’s third baby, Chloe, enjoying a well-balanced dinner.


Nat’s fourth baby, TJ, turned two and we didn’t realize it was his birthday until family called to wish him a happy birthday! True story. Sorry, TJ.


Chloe mowing down on Goldfish in the middle of the street, because why not, right?


Chloe and TJ playing with their new toys…


For more #MOMTRUTHS about the first baby vs. every other kid after that, watch our video below!