After kids, many of us have lost our sense of style, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Our style videos will offer tips and tricks on dressing for drop-offs and pick-ups, dinner parties, or a night out on the town!

Style | Fall Fashion

A new season calls for a chic, new style! Afiya Francisco shares the latest trends and tips on how to style the perfect look for fall.

Style | 5 Ways to Style a Hat

Looking for the perfect accessory to pair with your summer wardrobe? Julie Solomon shows you 5 different ways to style a hat!

Style | Forever Plaid

It looks like plaid will never go out of style. It's all the rage this season! Julia shows three different ways to rock the plaid shirt this summer.

Style | 1 Sweatshirt, 3 Ways

You can get three outfits out of one sweatshirt! Find out how Jules, of Preloved, styles a sweatshirt to achieve a different look for Sunday brunch, drinks with the girls, and business.

Style | 3 Ways to Wear White Denim

White denim is the perfect pant for summer! Julia shows how to style white denim three different ways to create three fabulous looks.

Style | How to Tie a Vintage Scarf

A scarf is the perfect accessory to jazz up a plain and simple outfit or pull together a whole look. Julia Grieve shares a quick tutorial on how to tie a neck scarf.

Style | Conquer Decision Fatigue

Want to set yourself up for success when shopping for your wardrobe? Learn how to conquer decision fatigue with Afiya's four quick & easy tips.

Style | Wardrobe Essentials (Off-Duty Edition)

Style expert Afiya Francisco offers tips on how to choose the best foundation pieces for your wardrobe. These quick and easy looks are perfect for weekend errands and casual, low-key events and offices.

Style | How to Buy Vintage Denim

One woman's trash is another woman's treasure! Fashion expert Julia Grieve shares tips on how to find the best pair of vintage denim.

Style | 3 "Me" Time Activities & Outfits

"Me" time is important to your overall sense of well-being. There are so many benefits to spending some time alone. Check out Afiya's favourite ways to indulge in "me" time and her favourite loungewear to do it in.

Style | Discover Your Style Story

What you wear says so much about you. What's your style story? Afiya shares the best ways to create or re-establish the style story that you'd like to present to the world.

Style | What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear

Style expert Afiya Francisco, of The Style House, shares three quick & easy outfit ideas for when you're suffering from the "I have nothing to wear" blues.

Style | How to Dress Post-Pregnancy

If you've just had a baby and find yourself in a post-pregnancy slump when it comes to style, check out this week's Style Challenge. Afiya shows Catherine how to pull a whole outfit together with one fantastic topper.

Style | How to Style the Outfit Repeater

In this week's Style Challenge, Afiya shows Kate a few simple ways to elevate the basic wardrobe she wears every single day.

Style | The Joyful Wardrobe

Want to make the chore of getting dressed easier? You need a wardbrobe that sparks joy! Clean out your closet clutter with the KonMari method. Afyia shares steps to finding, keeping and organizing only the pieces that make you feel good.

Style | How to Brighten Up a "Plain Jane" Wardrobe

In this week's Style Challenge, Afiya helps Suzanne embrace her monochromatic uniform and easily add punches of interest to her basic wardrobe.

Style | 1 Sweater, 3 Ways

Julia shows you how to wear one sweater three different ways! Ripped jeans and knee-high boots make for a casual, weekend look. Or you can pair the sweater with a skirt and leather jacket for date night and bell bottom jeans for work.

Style | 4 Boots for Cool Girls

Get through the winter in style! Afiya Francisco talks about her four favourite pairs of boots that will keep your feet warm & cozy in the worst of weather.

Style | How to Style Mom Jeans

Julia Grieve, of Preloved, offers a few tips and pointers on how to wear mom jeans without looking like a mom!

Style | How to Dress to Slim a Large Chest

In this week's Style Challenge, Afiya helps Katie dress her larger chest in order to avoid the tent effacer look.

Style | Jewellery with Positive Vibes

Afiya Francisco, of The Style House, features three accessory lines that you need to know about for beautiful jewellery with a positive message.

Style | How to Dress an Apple Shape

In the first episode of The Style Challenge, style expert Afiya Francisco offers Mariko some tips and strategies to add definition to her apple shape.