Social Common Moms | Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson and daughter Esti

Name: Jennifer Wilson

Number of kids: 1

Name of business: VONBON

Number of years in business: Will be 3 years in May

Least favourite mom job: The Clean up

Jennifer Wilson and daughter Esti

Number one tip for mom entrepreneurs: Follow an organized schedule, including both work and family/life events. That means planning time to work and play and be able to be fully present for both.

Biggest challenge of being a mom entrepreneur: It can be a constant mental and emotional struggle to balance it all. Feeling productive with work, being present with your spouse and children, enjoying life and making time for yourself.  There never seems to be enough time in the day.  I have found that when I stick to a clearly laid out weekly and even daily schedule,  I am able to be more productive,  more effective and generally more happy and present whether it’s running my business or being with my family.

Proudest moment: Watching my daughter learn and grow each and every day.

Jennifer Wilson's daughter Esti

Guilty pleasure: Whiskey Hazelnut Earnst Icecream

Mom entrepreneurs you admire: Catherine and Nat! I honestly don’t know how they do it all!

Favourite social media accounts to follow: There are so many, but here are a few…

Mama-to-be, Jillian Harris, @jillian.harris
Tori Wesszer, @friachenutrition
Kristin Lee, @lee_kristine
Erin Ireland, @erinireland
Tiffany Gray, @thegraygang

For more of Jennifer, visit her at:

Facebook: Vonbon
Twitter: @VONBONapparel
Instagram: @vonbonapparel
Pinterest: VONBON