Cat & Nat Vlog | Travelling WITHOUT The Kids

Before we could head off for a fun business trip (aka girls trip), we prepared a first aid kit (and that was about it) in case our moms, husbands, and babysitters had to deal with anything unexpected while we were away.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Genius Travel Hack for Moms

We survived the first two days of March Break, and we're sharing a genius travel hack for moms!

Cat & Nat Vlogs

A fresh, fun, and raw look into Catherine & Natalie’s day. Conversations about raising 7 kids, running a business and societal curiosities are destined to make you laugh!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Babysitting Fail: Everything is Blue!

Babysitting fail! This is what happens when you leave the toddler with the big kids so you can do an interview for a TV segment...

Cat & Nat Vlog | Cat Cut Her Hair Off

Cat cut her hair off and reveals the new look!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Our Food Plan

Nat and the kids make chicken lettuce wraps and Cat shares our daily food plan. We also speak at a conference and hit up an event with our fam!

Cat & Nat Vlog | The BEST Gifts for New Moms

We went on TV to share our favourite gift ideas for new moms!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Flying, a Retreat & Our 5-Minute Face

Our weekend away from the family got a little wild! We also share our super simple makeup routine.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Weight Loss Update & Berry Smoothie Recipe

Sharing our weight loss successes and tips, as well as a healthy, delicious Berry Fresh Smoothie recipe that's kid approved.

Cat & Nat Vlog | PD Day - Burnt Breakfast & A Booby Trap

This is what a PD Day with 7 kids looks like...

Cat & Nat Vlog | Nat Gets Botox & New Lips

Nat re-decorates her bedroom...and her face... Plus, we unbox some amazing clothes from Vici!

Cat & Nat Vlog | A Makeover & Kitchen Karaoke

The morning grind, extracurriculars, a playdate that has gone MIA and a really hilarious collab with fellow YouTuber/chef Matt Basile!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Travelling WITHOUT a lot of work!

Nat leaves the kids with grandma (and Cat) to go enjoy a weekend away.

Q&A with Cat & Nat (Take TWO!!)

You asked and we answered - again. Check out our latest Q&A!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Family Field Trip!

We hire our handy partner, Jiffy, to get jobs done around the house, so we can stop nagging our husbands and go on fun family field trips to the Raptors game instead! #momwin

Cat & Nat Vlog | 17 Day Diet Results

Quick update on our weight loss journey and a healthy new recipe (experiment)!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Bath Time & Handling No Sleep

Bath time helps make witching hour more fun for us and the kids. It's how we make it through the home stretch.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Hair Reveal - from Blonde to Brown

We spent the whole weekend together and got our hair done. What do you think of our new look?!

Cat & Nat Vlog | The Easiest Makeup Routine EVER

Chowing down on Uber Eats over life chats and major laughs. Plus, a fitness update and the fastest makeup routine you've ever seen!

Cat & Nat Vlog | We Got Married!!

We're in the kitchen for a wild cooking show with fellow YouTuber Matt Basile, and then we hit up our lawyer's office to sign some very important papers.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Healthy Meals, Fitness & A Candy Binge

Our weight loss journey continues! We worked out, made healthy meals, and ate all the candy we could get our hands on... One step forward, two steps back. The struggle is real, people!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Basement Workout & Healthy Meals in a Jar

Kicking off our weight loss journey with basement workouts and healthy meals in a jar.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Our Weight Loss Journey

Yes, it's that time...we talk about weight loss.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Highlights of 2016

2016 was a wild one! Here's a quick recap of our year.

Q&A with Cat & Nat

You asked and we answered. Check out our Q&A!

Cat & Nat Vlog | The Kids Hijack Cat's Munchkin Unboxing

Nat and the kids play Beanboozled and Cat's unboxing plans go astray!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Backseat Makeup Tutorial in New York with Netflix

We went to New York to film with Today's Parent at the Netflix studio. Check out some behind-the-scenes footage!

Cat & Nat Vlog | $250 Old Navy GIVEAWAY & Cat's Hair Tutorial

Here's a re-broadcast of our infamous Facebook live in pj's and Cat gives a 'hair tutorial' as she gets ready for Nat's big party.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Eye-Opening Visit to RMHC

Our visit to Ronald McDonald House Charities in Toronto was an eye-opening experience that reminded us of all the things we are grateful for this holiday season. We also share an easy way your whole family can get involved - visit

Cat & Nat Vlog | A Birthday Party & Christmas Tree Picking

Cat goes Christmas tree shopping with the kids and we celebrate Taylor's birthday at Glama Gals Tween Spa.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Mom Hack & Nat Gets the Stomach Flu

The holidays are just around the corner! Cat has a genius mom hack that will make mom's life easier this holiday season: McDonald's "pancakes in a cup" are great for on--the-go meals with the kids. And then we film a fun holiday digital commercial with our seven kids...all while dealing with the stomach flu!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Hair Tutorial & Bedroom Tour

Nat gives a quick tutorial on how to get the perfect beach wave and Cat gives a tour of her bedroom!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Nat's Bedroom Reveal and a Smoothie Recipe

Nat sold basically everything in her house and bought new stuff. So, we're taking you inside her "new" bedroom to see where the magic happens lol. We're also sharing the recipe for a healthy, delicious smoothie that's good for babies to big kids!

Cat & Nat Vlog | PD Day and a Shopping Haul

Find out what we do on a PD Day with all seven kids at home with us! Our shenanigans include wild tantrums, epic dance parties, an Ivivva shopping haul and a dinner sing-a-long.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Speaking in Sonoma

Part 2 of our adventures out west! We're at the G3 Women's Conference in Sonoma, California, where we have met so many inspiring women, drank a lot of wine and had a ton of fun. Can't wait until our next trip!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Vancouver to San Francisco

We wouldn't be where we are today without the support of some incredible, inspirational female entrepreneurs, so it's amazing that we are now being asked to share our story and advice with other women around the world. Join us as we speak at conferences in Vancouver and California!!

Cat & Nat Vlog | From Munchkin to The Bahamas

From our fav Munchkin gear to our fav moments in The Bahamas, this vlog is all about travel! We love making trips as easy as possible and tons of fun, obviously!!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Morning Multitasking & McDonald's Dinner Date

Morning grind, business meeting, karate class, and a dinner date at McDonald's with the crew, because we're clearly #TeamMcDs. This is mom life.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Halloween with 7 Kids

Our never-ending day started with a TV segment and a business meeting, and we finished it off trick-or-treating with our crew. Watch the chaos unfold (and to see Nat dressed as a minion, of course)!

Cat & Nat Vlog | From the Farm to NYC

We spent the day hanging out with our partners - Grain Farmers of Ontario. Join us as we make a trip to the grocery store and learn about all of the products and foods that contain grains, which we consume on the daily. We also head to the farm to use a drone and ride a combine! Then Nat's off to NYC and Cat has the kids. Oh, the adventures we go on...

Cat & Nat Vlog | Our Beauty Routine

Busy day! Morning mayhem with the kids, drop offs, farm visit, radio interview on The Todd Shapiro Show, and then back home for our live Facebook show with guest Kimberly Moffit! PLUS, we share our makeup routine (from the car, naturally).

Cat & Nat Vlog | PJ Party Fun

Getting 7 kids ready for bed can be a serious struggle, but it was all fun and games when they received their JelliFish Kids' PJ Party In a Box!!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Cross Country & Dance Parties

When the day starts and ends with a dance party, you know it was a good one!

Cat & Nat Vlog | Cat in the Kitchen and Overall Chaos

Getting kids to eat healthy can be difficult but when they are in the kitchen with us they are more likely to eat what they help us make. Getting in the kitchen to make those healthy snacks? That's another struggle in itself.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Dancing, Farming and Beavers?

Sneak peek into our lives - dancing with The Bachelor, hanging out with farmers, and Thanksgiving festivities with our crew.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Hot Dads & Munchkin Giveaway

Our days consist of meal time with Munchkin, workouts between business and kids, French sing-alongs and scoping out hot dads, naturally.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Our Job and Meltdowns

Running a business and raising seven kids can be a bit of a gongshow. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at our life - events, tv and emotional kids crying over the craziest things.

Cat & Nat Vlog | Bath Time

Our weekly vlogs are back! This week it's all about bath time in our households. Thank goodness for Munchkin and all of their great bath toys that turn bath time into fun time for all of our kids.

Cat & Nat Daily | Chatting with the Sh*tty Moms

We sat down with the authors behind Sh*tty Moms and had the MOST fun conversation about why exactly being a Sh*tty Mom is a great thing.

Cat & Nat Daily | Inside L.A. California

The round up of our trip to LA, California. We hit up a mom confrence #mom 2.0 and then made our way up to LA for business meetings and a TV segment. Here is the lowdown of our trip.

Cat & Nat Daily | TV Segments to Tantrums

The very unglamourous side of our life! Although TV is very fun - it ends, and reality sets back in. Our very unfiltered life with children.

Cat & Nat Daily | Getting Fit with Babies & Bugaboo

Who says you can't workout with kids?! Fitness professional Michelle Jobin shows us how to get fit with our babies using our new using our new Bugaboo running strollers!

Cat & Nat Daily | Trip to the Psychic

In this Cat & Nat Daily, we visit a psychic medium who tells us about the future of our partnership and friendship. Apparently one of us is having a hard time at home, the other has a bunch of guardian angels and something big is going to happen in 2.5 years...

Cat & Nat Daily | Home Edition with Jess Glaze

We love hanging with other moms and checking out how they live. In this episode, we visit blogger Jessica Glaze - a self-proclaimed "Suburban mom"! Watch the video to see how Jess and her family live.

Cat & Nat Daily | Business & Babies

Sometimes, getting through the day is enough. It's all we can handle. The juggle is a lot. Check out our latest video to see what a typical day is like managing a business and seven kids!

Cat & Nat Daily | N.Y. Edition

Our amazing girls trip to NY with Bugaboo!! Here's a sneak peek at our adventures.

Cat & Nat Daily | L.A. Edition

We went to L.A. for a TV segment at Universal Studios!! Here's a sneak peek at our adventures.

Cat & Nat Daily | Everyone Asks, Here Ya Go

What, how do we do it...all of it?! Welcome to Cat & Nat Daily, a legit, uncensored look into our life!

Cat & Nat Daily | TV Segment & the Day That Wouldn't End

Up and out of the house at 6am to film a TV segment with our little models! As working moms, our work life and family life often intertwine. It's never a dull moment, that's for sure.

Cat & Nat Daily | It's Always Chaos

You know - the struggle and the juggle of life. It's never easy balancing it all, but here's a sneak peek into it.

Cat & Nat Daily | Cityline, Events & Life

We're taking you behind-the-scenes of our debut on Cityline! After that, we had an afternoon full of kids and back-to-back work events. It's always crazy, but always a great time. Watch the mayhem!

Cat & Nat Daily | Inside Spray Tanning!

We hit up Benefit Canada and get a spray tan. Yes, we actually take you in with us...get ready!

Cat & Nat Daily | Friday. Saturday. Sunday!!

This is the ins and outs of the day. Two families, 7 kids, our life.

Cat & Nat Daily | We're Back!!

After a much needed break, we hit the ground running with an event, a spa afternoon and, you know, those 7 kids we have off on March Break!

Cat & Nat Daily | Saturday is Always Crazy!

We went for a run and ended up shopping, you know how it is.

Cat & Nat Daily | In the Middle of a Crime Scene!

An honest baby, a police task force, a couple swear words and a meeting. That's just how we roll.

Cat & Nat Daily | Hump Day

Behind-the-scenes of life with kids. Welcome to our Wednesdays.

Cat & Nat Daily | Casual Colonic on a Monday

A meeting, a workout, and a colonic...all while taking care of our crazy kiddos!

Cat & Nat Daily | Saturday: A Day Off?

Natalie is on a "day off"! Here's a sneak peek into our Saturday.

Cat & Nat Daily | Thursday Coffee Enema's

Natalie inquires about booking a coffee joke.

SC Daily | Just a Non-Stop Wednesday

Daytime/nighttime shenanigans. With 7 kids, it's anyone's guess what's going to go down.

SC Daily | Monday: The Struggle & The Juggle

The day-to-day of our momlife - meetings and the juggle of the everyday. It isn't easy, but it is worth it.

SC Daily | Sunday: New Spanx and a Lost Tooth

The day-to-day of our momlife. Hanging with the kids, getting ready for our a HUGE week and just the easy flow of the weekend!

SC Daily | Baby Karaoke

The day-to-day of our momlife. Hanging with the kids, getting ready for our event with our Social Common Creative team. Join us for the fun!

SC Daily | H&M Launch Party

Tonight we headed out downtown for the re-launch of H&M in the Eaton Centre. It was a fab party, but we still have to juggle the kids and a major work day tomorrow!

SC Daily | Sunday Styles

Sunday: impromptu skate dates, play dates and just a great day overall.

SC Daily | Juice Cleanses & Day Drinking

We ran into each other on the street and it turned into quite the Saturday afternoon.

SC Daily | Taking Chances

We are in the midst of some major transitions and it is never easy. We are so ready to take the leap and take it to the next level. This is our journey of the day to day.

SC Daily | Just Another Saturday

We had a Saturday meeting followed by our regular Saturday mayhem. The day before Valentine's!

SC Daily | Lingerie Shopping

Our adventure to the lingerie store...yes we took the cameras and just had a great time! Join us in Victoria's Secret for a hilarious shopping encounter!

SC Daily | A Bachelor Interview, A Meeting & Just Another Day

Just another day in the life of us! We interviewed the Canadian Bachelor, Tim Warmels, at a fancy oyster bar - John and Sons. What a good time that was! Tune in on Sunday for our #SundaySpecial featuring Tim!

SC Daily | Events, Segments & 7 Kids aka Saturday

Today we tackle a partner event with Baby Gap, and we have to film a segment for an upcoming project, all while juggling the 7 kids. Welcome to the chaos of our insane lives.

SC Daily | A Driving Test & BIG News

Today was full of excitement. Natalie took her driving test, we attended an event downtown and we got some big news (x2)!! Watch to find out what happened!

SC Daily | Babies & Business Meetings

This is us trying to juggle business meetings, kids, and life. Sometimes it all becomes a bit much, especially when you're operating on two hours of sleep.

SC Daily | All Before 12pm

Our mornings are usually jammed packed with as much as we can possibly fit in before we have to say goodbye to our babysitter. It is always crazy and busy, but totally fun as well. Join us today as we drop off, pick up, film, and get ready for our show...literally just another morning!

SC Daily | Saturday Afternoon

This is a look into our Saturday afternoon with both of our families spending the day together.

SC Daily | A Broken Car, Melissa Grelo & Mexican Food

Today started out a little rocky with Natalie's car running out of gas, but it ended on a high note with an interview with The Social's Melissa Grelo and some Mexican food to follow! Tune in to our #SocialCommonLive Special on Sunday to see our interview with Melissa!

SC Daily | Meetings, Best Buy & Music Class

First time at a music class with our babies, and it was actually so fun!

SC Daily | Morning Madness & Meetings

Just a typical morning getting our kids ready before we head off to meetings.

SC Daily | Music Mania

We are working so hard to get our new creative channel up! From picking music to web fonts to coding, oh it's so much. It's hard being a stay-at-home mom and doing all this work!

SC Daily | Facial Treatment

Oh yes we's behind-the-scenes footage of Botox, Dysport, fillers, lips all of it! We had such a great experience with Dr. Pearlman.

SC Daily | Pinterest DIYs

Sneak peek at our Pinterest successes and fails for our new platform, Social Common Creative!

SC Daily | Pre-Filming

We're about to shoot a video for our new platform, Social Common Creative, where we'll be giving you tips on how to get big, thick buns (in your hair...).

SC Daily | Before the Live Show

A look into a night at our show, #SocialCommonLive!! Tune in to our show Tuesday nights at 7:30pm EST. You can watch live on our website or our Facebook page.

SC Daily | Magazine Shoot

Hair, make-up and a photo shoot for an online magazine all before we bring you a new episode of #SocialCommonLive tonight!

SC Daily | New York Recap

We had an amazing time in New York and met some fabulous people. Tomorrow we're doing a magazine shoot for The September. Stay tuned!

SC Daily | Pre-Interview

Donuts, Botox, and an interview with mom blogger Vanessa, of Josephine: a Creative Life.

SC Daily | Sizzle Reel Filming

Documenting our daily life in short vlogs. Today, we're filming our Sizzle Reel for our new platform, Social Common Creative!

SC Daily | Florida with itravel2000

Our latest trip with included a jam-packed itinerary! Here is a quick, uncut look into our adventures!

SC Daily | A Typical Day

A candid look into our lives. Uncut, uncensored and just the real deal of life from grocery shopping to filming a cooking segment with our kiddos.

SC Daily | Halloween 2015

A tiny look into our perfectly imperfect chaos! Happy Halloween!

SC Daily | Media Tour

A little sneak peek into our Mattel media tour! Behind-the-scenes at CHCH and RogersTV.

SC Daily | Sunday Dinner

An inside look at dinner with all of our kiddos. It's not quiet - that's for sure!

SC Daily | In Mexico with itravel2000

Here's an in-depth look at all the fun we had on our trip in Mexico with!

SC Daily | #BeatBoBoogie with Fisher-Price

A behind-the-scenes look at our Fisher-Price event at Kidville.

SC Daily | Shared Dinner

A typical Friday night! Join us for a shared dinner with our families.

SC Daily | Juggling Kids, Renos & Business

Catherine is undergoing major renos. We had the floor picked out over two months ago, but now Natalie thinks we should go darker . So, back to square one...

SC Daily | Reno Update

Check out the update of Catherine's major home reno!

SC Daily | Radio Interview

A behind-the-scenes look at our first satellite radio interview! We're talking all about the new, urban mom.

SC Daily | Event

A look into our crazy life of running a company (and around the city)...oh and having a little two much fun at an event. Whoops.

SC Daily | Introducing Wednesday #WeighIn

This video is about Natalie's new weight loss goals and the struggle to lose the baby weight.

SC Daily | FaceTime with a Newborn

We can't stand being apart for long, so we had to FaceTime after Catherine had baby Chloe.

SC Daily | Filming, Meetings & Kiddos

A typical day of filming and meetings in-between drop-offs and pick-ups.

SC Daily | On the Road for TV Segments

On the road for our media tour! Here's a sneak peek of what goes on behind-the-scenes of live TV.

SC Daily | Our Hair Secrets

Natalie thinks you're only as good as your hair. So, in this video we share our hair secrets with you!

SC Daily | Media Events

The lives of two working moms, always on the go! This video is about what goes on behind-the-scenes of one of our Fisher-Price events at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

SC Daily | Home Renovations

Join us on a tour of Catherine's house and meet our interior designers, Kate and Amanda. Excuse the mess...we're in the middle of renos.

SC Daily | Mother's Day

Our kids share their thoughts on us mamas. Happy Mother's Day!!

SC Daily | Filming for itravel

The plan was to film videos for one of our partners, itravel2000, but we were interrupted by a whole gang of wild children.

SC Daily | Car Rides

Drop-offs, pick-ups, and screaming children. That's mom life for you.

SC Daily | Mom Life

A look into our perfectly messy and chaotic life as moms to seven children.