Mom Truths | Mom Problems

No one’s life is perfect; everyone struggles and faces challenges. But once you give birth to a child, you experience a whole new set of problems in life that no one else will.

Here are just 11 of the million and one problems that mom face on the daily:

  1. You get woken up from the deepest of sleep…multiple times…in one night.
  2. The clothes that fit you just last week are no longer relevant in your wardrobe anymore.
  3. Nobody in your house cares about anything you say. You might as well take your voice and throw it out the window.
  4. Wine bottles – they used to be a lot bigger! Now they are empty all. the. time.
  5. You run on a different clock than everyone else. In the mom world, a minute feels like an hour, an hour feels like a day, and a day feels like a week.
  6. You can no longer finish a thought or a sentence like a normal human being with a fully functioning brain.
  7. It used to take you about 15-20 minutes to get ready, but now it takes you 2 minutes (to shower, get ready, make breakfast, eat breakfast, and do all the things) and it takes everyone else in your house two hours.
  8. All of a sudden your is libido GONE. You went from a minx in bed to a sloth in bed in no time at all.
  9. You want to have a social life, but you’re too exhausted to go out for dinner at 9pm (aka your bedtime).
  10. Your grooming is completely out of whack. You either have too much hair or not enough hair on all the wrong places.
  11. You just don’t look like you used to, but the bigger problem is that you just don’t care.

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