The Importance of a Healthy Sexual Relationship

Dr. Jess SexologistJessica O’Reilly (Dr. Jess, PhD) is a best-selling author, television host and international speaker whose sold-out couples’ retreats span the globe from Istanbul to Albuquerque. She is featured regularly by Showtime, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, CTV, CBC, ABC and The Globe and Mail and you can catch her Tuesday mornings on GlobalTV, Wednesdays on 102.1 The Edge and Saturdays on PlayboyTV as the host of the reality series, Swing! 

Jess also contributes to Social Common Creative, where she offers helpful advice and tips on sex and relationships. This topic is a huge one for women and moms, but no one talks about it, which is why we love having Jess normalize sex by opening up the conversation and answering the questions that are on everyone’s mind. Every relationship is different and no relationship is perfect. When you lose the spark and want to reconnect or if you need advice on how to deal with relationship roles and inequalities in your partnership, Jess has informative tips that will help improve your relationship and sex life.

We wanted to know about the importance of a healthy sexual relationship and when it’s time to get help. So, we asked Jess to join us on our show to give us all of the details. Jess explained that a healthy sexual relationship is important because sex has emotional, psychological and physiological benefits and it makes you feel more connected to your partner. However, Jess says that this doesn’t mean you have to be having intercourse, you just need to be intimate.

If you’re feeling like you can’t talk to your partner, that’s when you may want to seek help. Jess explains that you won’t necessarily need professional help, but you may have to sit down with your partner and have a conversation about the disconnect. Communicating with your partner will help deepen your connection.

If you’re experiencing problems, there a few things you can do to overcome the issues. Check out Jess’ tips from her latest book, The New Sex Bible, below!

Top Tips for Improving Your Sexual Relationship

1.  Take it easy on yourself and your partner. Offer reassurance and make make requests rather than complaints when communicating.

2. Improve communication and levels of intimacy, if you want to rebuild desire.

3. Avoid predictability and boredom in the bedroom with novel experimentation.

4. Make lifestyle changes and engage in activities that boost self-esteem. Diet, stress, sleep and exercise all impact our desire for sex.

Maintaining a spark in the relationship is worth the effort, because it leaves you feeling sexually and emotionally satisfied. Strong communication skills, deep connection, comprehensive knowledge, and ongoing practice will help reduce challenges in the bedroom and allow you to enjoy a healthy sexual relationship with your partner.

For our full interview with Dr. Jess, check out The Cat & Nat Show Episode 2.8!


Dr. Jess O'Reilly on The Cat & Nat Show

Tips courtesy of Quiver Books excerpted from The New Sex Bible.