Health & Fitness

We know that things change after having kids. Moms have less time and less energy to work-out than we did pre-babies, yet so many of us want to exercise and get fit! So, we’re giving you quick and easy work-out routines that you can do from the comfort of your own home in between drop-offs, pick-ups, meal time, bath time, bed time, or any other time. We also share some advice to help you live a healthier, happier life!

Health & Fitness | Bonus Video Q&A for Cat & Nat LIVE

Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert Jenn Pike shared a ton of great info on Cat & Nat LIVE but wasn't able to get to all of the questions from viewers. Check out this bonus video with a few responses that will get you on your way to living a healthier life.

Health & Fitness | Chiropractic Benefits for Mamas

Find out how chiropractic care can help mamas take better care of themselves! Dr. Aliya Visram and Trisha of No Tummy Mommy team up in this video for a quick Q&A.

Health & Fitness | Hydrate Your Body

Keeping your body hydrated is important! Jenn Pike shares a simple tip that will help encourage you to drink more water throughout the day.

Health & Fitness | Remove These Two Words From Your Vocabulary

When it comes to food, there are two words you need to remove from your volabulary: guilt and cheat. Tania Joy Antonio explains why it's important to have a healthy relationship with food.

Health & Fitness | Stop Hitting the Snooze Button

Want to start your day off right and become more productive? Stop hitting snooze on your alarm! Jenn Pike shares some other ways you can spend those extra nine minutes in the morning.

Health & Fitness | 5 Things I Wish I'd Known About Labour

If you're a soon-to-be new mom, Julie Solomon has some advice for you about how to prepare for labour, delivery and the aftermath of childbirth.

Health & Fitness | 3 Ingredients to Create a Crazy Good Life

Juggling all that you want to do and all that you have to do can be a challenge. Lisa Durante shares three tips that will make it easier for you to "have it all" and create a life you love!

Health & Fitness | Gravity Defying Glute Workout

Get rid of that mom butt with Jenn Pike's intense and effective glute exercises. Add this quick 8-minute workout to your fitness routine twice a week!

Health & Fitness | Cosmetic Chiropractic with Dr. Aliya

Have you heard of Cosmetic Chiropractic for aesthetic appeal? Cat & Nat decided to visit Dr. Aliya Visram to see what it's all about.

Health & Fitness | New Month, New Goals, New Fit Mommy

Begin each month with new and improved fitness goals! Start by changing up your workout routine to include No Tummy Mommy's 15-minute circuit.

Health & Fitness | Procrastination in Search of Perfection

Is the concept of perfection getting in the way of you taking action and living your life? Tania Joy Antonio shares a daily affirmation encouraging you to let go of the need to be perfect and just be yourself.

Health & Fitness | 15-Minute Summer Fit Fix

Has exercising taken a back seat to your summer events and activities? Trisha, aka No Tummy Mommy, helps you get in your fitness fix with this 15-minute circuit.

Health & Fitness | "I Love and Accept Myself as I Am"

Stop being so hard on yourself. It's important to love and accept yourself as you are! Tania Joy Antonio encourages you to repeat this daily affirmation to create positive emotions and thoughts.

Health & Fitness | No Such Thing as a Wrong Decision

Are you ever afraid of making the wrong decision? Meghan Telpner explains why there is no such thing as a bad decision and offers a great exercise to prove it!

Health & Fitness | Creating Habits for Positive Affirmations

"I AM" are two very powerful words. Tania Antonio, author and mama, shares a simple and fun way to engage yourself and your children in making positive affirmations on a daily basis.

Health & Fitness | 5-Minute Fitness Circuit

Trisha, of No Tummy Mommy, takes Catherine through a 5-minute fitness circuit that works the body from head to toe and leaves you feeling toned. Try this quick routine at home!

Health & Fitness | 15-Minute Summer Workout Routine

Want to look and feel your best this summer? No need to spend hours at the gym - No Tummy Mommy's 15-minute at-home fitness circuit will do the trick!

Health & Fitness | How to Relieve Achy Muscles

Did you know you can relieve stiff, achy muscles with items from around the house? Dr. Aliya shares her top three tips for relieving sore muscles.

Health & Fitness | How Gratitude Works

Showing gratitude is one of the most powerful things we can do for our health (and it's free!). Meghan Telpner explains how gratitude actually works to bring abundance into your life. She also shares her daily gratitude practice, which helps her to live a healthy, happy life.

Health & Fitness | 5-Minute Body Blast

Get sweaty in just minutes with this quick and effective full-body blast routine. Trisha shows Natalie how it's done!

Health & Fitness | How to Keep Your Feet Happy in Heels

Do you sacrifice comfort for style? Wearing your sexy stilettos can cause permanent back and foot problems. But if you can't give up the heel, learn how to keep your feet healthy and happy in them with Dr. Aliya's top three tips.

Health & Fitness | 15-Minute Sweat Session

Don't have a lot of time to workout? Try Trisha's quick fitness routine at home, and you'll feel ready to take on the rest of the day!

Health & Fitness | Plank Perfection

It’s hard to find the time to workout, but even five minutes of fitness helps improve your overall health and wellness. Try squeezing this quick plank routine into your schedule!

Health & Fitness | How to Make Magic Happen in Your Life

The mind can tap into our deepest, darkest fears, but it can also create the most incredible, inspired ideas and dreams. Meghan Telpner explains why we need to start taping into the magic detective in our mind in order to create a happy, healthy life.

Health & Fitness | 15-Minute Kettlebell Workout

Take your workout up a notch and invest in a kettlebell! Try No Tummy Mommy's circuit at home and do as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

Health & Fitness | 5-Minute Core Workout

This is a great beginner core workout you can try at home. Grab a mat and do this 5-minute routine with Zehra of The FitNest. You can do this every day to strengthen your core or add it to your current workout!

Health & Fitness | Top 5 Ways to Improve Mom Posture

Poor posture creates many problems in the back, neck and shoulders. Combat the hunched mom posture with Dr. Aliya's 5 easy tips and tricks!

Health & Fitness | The Lunge Routine

Say goodbye to your mom butt with No Tummy Mommy's fitness routine for lunge lovers. This 5-minute workout will help lift and shape your barely-there derriere!

Health & Fitness | Top 5 Yoga Poses to Do While Pregnant

Yoga keeps expecting moms active and healthy, and it also prepares the body for labour and delivery. Check out Dr. Aliya's top five favourite yoga poses to do during pregnancy.

Health & Fitness | 15-Minute Mommy Madness

House is a mess and kids are throwing tantrums? If you want to blow off some steam, try this 15-minute Mommy Madness workout!

Health & Fitness | Floor-Based Workout

Get sweaty in just minutes with this quick floor-based workout. No equipment is required, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

Health & Fitness | Full-Body Blast

Squeeze in an efficient and effective workout that hits your whole body. Try out No Tummy Mommy's 15-minute routine!

Health & Fitness | Start With One Thing

Meghan encourages you to start with one thing that you can do to bring more health and happiness into your life. Whether it's a change in your health, fitness, diet, or lifestyle, make the choice to do that one thing every single day. Watch the video and be inspired!

Health & Fitness | 5-Minute Sweat Session

No time to work out? You're not alone. Check out No Tummy Mommy's effective 5 minute sweat session, and do it yourself at home!

Health & Fitness | Plank Circuit

Try No Tummy Mommy's plank circuit with minimal rest between each exercise and complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes! Go!!

Health & Fitness | Tighten & Tone Your Arms

Tighten and tone your arms with a quick and easy work-out. Check out Trisha's 5 Minutes to Fitness video!