Mom Truths | Going Back to Work

To all employers who question whether or not they should hire a mom after she has taken time off with the kids, let us enlighten you…

Here are just some of the reasons why hiring a mom will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

  1. Moms can accomplish more in one hour than most people can get done in a day.
  2. Moms don’t need breaks. We don’t need lunch, because we live off crust and crumbs. And we never go to the washroom anymore – not until the very end of the day when everything else is taken care of.
  3. Moms are more than capable of dividing our time effectively and focusing on the task at hand. We get it done right, and we get it done fast, even if we’re surrounded by a bunch of annoying people who won’t stop talking to us.
  4. Moms have excellent communication skills and exude confidence when doing presentations or public speaking. We’ve been talking to a bunch of loud little people, teachers, doctors, etc. for forever, so we know how to command attention and get the message across.
  5. Moms have incredible problem solving skills, simply because we are a hostage in a hostage situation every dang day.
  6. Moms are great negotiators. Not only can we negotiate, but we’ll get you the best deal there is.
  7. Moms have completed more schooling than most people (JK, SK, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 – we’ve done it all, three times!!)
  8. Moms are peacemakers
  9. Moms are multitaskers
  10. Moms are team players
  11. Moms are the hardest workers you’ll ever meet

So, employers: it is in your best interest to hire moms. Check out our latest #MOMTRUTH video for more!