It's important to be aware of your finances and to manage them effectively. These videos offer tips and tricks to help you save money (and spend money... more wisely)!

Finance | Organizing Monthly Bill Payments

Paying bills can be stressful! Limor Markman shares a simple method for organizing and paying monthly bills on time.

Finance | Email Money Transfer

Thanks to today's technology, sending and recieving money is super simple to do online. Limor explains how to complete an email transfer locally or anywhere around the world.

Finance | Buying a House

If you're looking into buying a house, Limor Markman has some real estate advice for you to consider. Find out the benefits of buying a home for someone else to live in.

Finance | Doubling Your Investments with the Rule of 72

Have you started investing your money for the future? Limor explains the "Rule of 72," a simple formula which helps determine how long it will take for investments to double if your interest rate remains the same.

Finance | Secured Credit Cards

Do you have weak credit? A great way to build your credit is by using a secured credit card. Limor Markman explains what a secured credit card is and how to use it.

Finance | Paying the Minimum Balance

Are you just making the minimum payment on your credit card? Limor Markman explains the repercussions of paying only the minimum balance.

Finance | Lifestyle Creep

Are you receiving a raise or an increase in income? Be careful not to drastically enhance your standard of living just because you have more money. Limor explains how to avoid a lifestyle creep.

Finance | High Interest Savings Accounts

Are you benefitting from your savings account or are you losing money? Limor Markman explains how high interest savings accounts can help you save and grow your money and why it's important to be aware of the various account fees that could impact your funds.

Finance | Employer Matching Program

Interested in earning free money - a 100% return on your investment? Limor explains how this is possible if you enroll in an employer matching program.

Finance | Nominal Interest Rate & Effective Interest Rate

What's the difference between nominal interest rate and effective interest rate? Money expert Limor Markman offers a simple explanation.

Finance | What Are Sunk Costs?

Sunk costs apply to personal finances, not just business. Limor explains what sunk cost are and how they work. She also suggests how to handle sunk costs when making a decision.

Finance | What's a Credit Score Range?

Do you know what a credit score is and why it's important to have good credit? Limor explains how you can determine your credit score and shares some tips on how to ensure your score stays high.

Finance | Building an Emergency Fund

Are you prepared for an unexpected change in your finances, whether it be an increase in expenses or decrease in your income? Limor shares advice on why it's important to build an emergency fund.

Finance | Spending with Cash, Debit or Credit

What's your go-to form of payment: cash, debit or credit? Money expert Limor Markman shares the pros and cons of paying with each and explains which one is best for you.

Finance | Living Within Your Means

It's important to know how much money you are making each paycheck and spending each month so that you can plan your budget accordingly. Do you spend more money than you make? Limor shares advice about living within your means.

Finance | How to Save Money

Money expert Limor Markman shares her best tip for saving money, which makes saving for a big financial goal easier and more rewarding.