Design & DIY

From home décor and organizing to DIY and Pinterest fails, our daily videos will bring you new crafts and ideas to try on your own!

Design & DIY | How to Decorate a Bookshelf

For a simple, clean, minimalist look, decorate your bookshelves without any books! Karin Bennett and Jaclyn Colville show you how.

Design & DIY | Living Room Reveal

Tired of your empty or outdated living room? Interior designer Karin Bennett offers some styling tips and inspiration in this reveal, and it's all about the pops of colour and modern accessories.

Design & DIY | Kitchen Decor

Is your kitchen looking a little dull? Add some simple accessories! Karin Bennett shows how to style your kitchen to give it some life.

Design & DIY | Marker on Your What?

Notice a small chip or a mark in a dark piece of furniture or decor? Interior designer Karin Bennett shares a quick fix!

Design & DIY | How to Make a Kimono

Turn an old scarf into a chic kimono! Jaclyn Colville shows you how in this DIY tutorial.

Design & DIY | Summer Table Decor

Are you having a summer get together with family and friends and in need of a little dining room makeover? Jaclyn shares her secret for sprucing up the table decor with a simple solution.

Design & DIY | Backyard Patio Makeover

Do you love spending summers outside with family and friends? Interior designer Lisa Canning shares tips and design ideas for sprucing up your outdoor space, as she transforms Catherine's backyard patio into a bright and beautiful summer oasis.

Design & DIY | Front Door Makeover

Have you ever painted your front door...on the inside? Jaclyn Colville shows how to give a front entrance a rich, bold look by giving the front door a makeover.

Design & DIY | How to Make a Tray

Step up your serving game with a super stylish tray. Jaclyn Colville shares a quick tutorial on how to make an inexpensive, modern tray out of a marble slab.

Design & DIY | Faux Fur Stool

Looking for unqiue design ideas for kids rooms? Check out Jaclyn's DIY faux fur stool. This fluffy seat is soft, comfy and fun - perfect for children (and adults, too)!

Design & DIY | How to Chalk Paint

Want to give old furniture a chic, new look? Use chalk paint to transform your pieces! No sanding or priming is required with this paint, and it dries quickly and self-levels. Find out how to chalk paint like a pro in Jaclyn's latest video.

Design & DIY | Feature Wall

Want to create a feature wall in your home, but don't know where to start? Jaclyn shares her tips and tricks for styling a simple, inexpensive and beautiful feature wall!

Design & DIY | Leather Clutch

In this fun fashion DIY tutorial, Jaclyn shows how to make a fabulous leather clutch out of an old jacket.

Design & DIY | How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Want to keep that beautiful bouquet alive a little longer? Jaclyn shares a great trick that will help your store-bought flowers last an extra week.

Design & DIY | DIY Terrarium

Add a little life to your decor with a DIY terrarium. Jaclyn shows you how in this quick tutorial.

Design & DIY | How to Fold Your Towels

If you want your bathroom to give off a calm, zen vibe, all you need to do is learn how to fold your towels! Jaclyn shows how to make the perfect fold in this video.

Design & DIY | How to Fold Your Duvet

Want to make your bed look comfortable and luxurious? Jaclyn Colville takes you into her bedroom to show you the secret to folding your duvet like a pro.

Design & DIY | How to Hang Pictures Straight

Tired of staring at constantly crooked picture frames on your wall? Jaclyn shares a super quick fix to ensure your photos hang straight.

Design & DIY | Candle Holder Makeover

Jaclyn shares a super quick design tip on how to change up candle holders in your home. This is a great way to bring some colour into your space!

Design & DIY | Floral Vignettes

Jaclyn takes notes from interior designer Karin Bennett and shares her secrets on how to make a super simple, super quick DIY floral vignette!

Design & DIY | Abstract Art

Why spend a fortune on artwork when you can have fun creating a piece yourself for only a few dollars? DIY guru Jaclyn Colville shows how to make 'Abstract Art' in this video! All you need is a blank canvas, a paint roller, paint and a little imagination.

Design & DIY | iPhone Camera Hack

Jaclyn shares a quick and easy trick that will forever change your vacation photos! All you need is a camera and your sunglasses to create your very own vacation filter.

Design & DIY | How to Distress Your Denim

Distressed denim is all the rage this season. Julia, of Preloved, shows how to get the distressed look with all your vintage jeans in this DIY video!

Design & DIY | How to Make a Rope Bowl

Jaclyn shares how to make a DIY rope bowl in just a few simple steps. This decorative bowl is inexpensive and easy to make, and it adds a nice touch to any room of the house!

Design & DIY | How to Make Patio Pillows

Want to learn how to make your very own patio pillows for spring? Jaclyn offers step-by-step instructions in this DIY tutorial!

Design & DIY | How to Make a Mirrored Plant

Want to spruce up your home with a pretty potted plant? Check out Jaclyn Colville's quick and easy home decor tutorial for a mirrored plant! These look great in any room of the house.

Design & DIY | How to Make a Silk Scarf

The scarf is this season's trendiest accessory, but the perfect one can be hard to find! Jules shows us an easy way to upcycle garments from the thrift store to make your own silk scarf!

Design & DIY | How to Make a Painted Vase

Want to learn how to make a painted vase to use as an accent in any room? In this Pinterest DIY, Natalie challenges Catherine to create a painted vase. Watch the video to find out if Catherine passes or a fails the challenge!

Design & DIY | How to Make a Chocolate Fruit Bowl

Catherine's back with another chocolate and balloon DIY challenge! Watch as she attempts to make a Chocolate Fruit Bowl, and find out if it's a success or a fail.

Design & DIY | Extended Look at Catherine's Renovation with Kate and Amanda Design

Catherine gave a tour of her newly renovated home on #SocialCommonLive Episode 2.3, but now you can catch a behind-the-scenes look of the house with a walk through from the girls at Kate and Amanda Design!

Design & DIY | How to Make Chocolate Balloon Cups

In this DIY challenge, Catherine attempts to make chocolate balloon cups as seen on Pinterest. Does she pass the test? Watch the video to find out!

Design & DIY | How to Make a Rainbow Cake

You've seen the 7 Layer Rainbow Cake all over social media, but how easy is it to make!? Watch the video to find out if Catherine's baking challenge is a yummy success or a major fail.