Sun Safety for the Summer


As moms, we’re always trying to do what’s best for our kids to help keep them healthy and protected. We know there is a lot of talk about sun safety, as well as confusion around the right supplements to give kids, so we’ve partnered with Jamieson Vitamins to break it down for everyone.

We spend a ton of time outdoors in the summer. While Nat’s in the Cape, Cat’s up north at the cottage, and then we reunite in mid-July and the kids go buck wild in the backyard together.

Cat & Nat's kids

Our crew loves spending their days outside playing sports, running through the sprinkler, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, scooters and whatever else they can find. And we love it, too, because it helps keep our houses somewhat intact and it wipes these little people out on the daily. 🙌

With that being said, it’s super important that we teach our kids about sun safety and how to protect ourselves from UV-rays that cause skin cancer and permanent skin damage. To keep it simple, we focus on the 4Ss – use sunscreen SPF30+, seek shade, don’t lose your sun style and supplement with vitamin D.

Swim rashie

When we’re out in the sun, we lather on SPF 30 or higher and we cover up with sunglasses, hats, and rashies. Funny story – Cat is so paranoid about sun damage that she’s always making her kids wear swim shirts over their bathing suits, but this lead Max (Cat’s son) to believe that he’s not allowed to walk around without a shirt on because it’s inappropriate to go topless!! Poor guy was convinced that he couldn’t expose his knuckles (our kids’ term for boy nipples), but in reality, Cat just wants to protect him from the sun. 😂

Sun hat

Since the sun’s rays are strongest between 11am and 3pm or any time that UV Index is 3 or more, we limit the amount of time we’re in the sun. This is the perfect opportunity to have lunch and some downtime either inside or in the shade, or if you’re like Nat, it’s the prime time to lie down in bed…

Despite what many people may think, the sun isn’t the safest source of Vitamin D. Instead of exposing yourself to dangerous UV rays, you can take a vitamin D supplement.

Jamieson Vitamin D comes in sprays, chewables, tablets, soft gels and liquid drops, and all of them have a yellow cap to help remind us to take them on sunny days, because ya’ll know we need all the reminders we can get. Our kids take Jamieson’s Vitamin D Kids Chewable, and it’s honestly the easiest way to get them the Vitamin D they need. The fact that the vitamins taste good is just a bonus.

Let us know how you and your fam spend the summer and share your sun safety tips with us!

We created this post in partnership with Jamieson Vitamins, but all opinions are our own.

The mifold Grab-And-Go Booster Is a Must-Have for Moms


We obviously love bringing you guys the best products we find, because if they make our lives easier, better or more improved in any kind of way, then we know they’re going to do the same for you.

So, we partnered with Canadian Tire to let you know about a new car seat that is literally a game changer for parents (and kids, to be honest). The mifold Grab-and-Go Booster is designed for on-the-go parents – aka every parent in the world – and children aged 4-12.

The mifold booster is super innovative and the first of its kind, yet it passes all the same security and safety regulations as a traditional booster seat, which is the best combo if you ask us. It takes the inconvenience out of boosters without compromising safety, which is the biggest mom win in life.

Ya’ll know how difficult it is to travel with traditional boosters or have extras in your car. That’s why our mind was blown when we saw the mifold booster seat. It’s compact and lightweight, making it portable and easy to carry (along with strollers, bags, purses, our little humans, etc.). It just makes perfect sense for the modern day fam, who is always on the go. You can bring it with you anywhere and swap it in and out of vehicles as needed.

Because of its size (the seat is 10x smaller than your average booster seat and folds small enough to fit in a bag), the mifold booster takes up less space and gives you so much more room in your car for everyone to fit comfortably. Just the other day we swapped out a traditional booster for the mifold so Nana could fit in the backseat with the two kids.

We each have a few mifold seats, but we’ve already had to lend a couple out because they are one hot commodity, let us tell you! One of our dad friends needed to borrow a booster recently, but he came by to pick it up on his bike (LOL)! Thankfully, we had the mifold, so he was able to easily carry it back home with him. And Cat’s sister-in-law needed something for vacation, because not all places you travel to will have boosters available, so she just put the mifold booster in her carry on and was good to go!

This seat is also great for carpooling and playdates, whether you have an extra kid to transport or you’re sending your precious cargo off with someone else. We’ve all been stuck before and haven’t been able to go somewhere because of a booster seat situation, or we’ve needed a kid picked up and relied on our amazing mom community to step in and help out, so having the mifold on hand gives us peace of mind knowing that we’ll be ready in a pinch.

Not only do we love the new mifold seat, but the kids are obsessed, too! It makes them feel like they’re sitting in a grown up seat, not a baby seat, which is huge for them. Whereas a regular booster seat lifts kids to be in the position of an adult, the mifold does the exact opposite, holding the seatbelt down rather than lifting your kid up. The adjustable lap belt makes the seat perfect for families like ours with kids of all different ages. Plus, the booster comes in a bunch of different colours, so if you want your car to look like a rainbow rather than the garbage can it usually looks like, then you can get the seat in blue, pink or green – whichever your littles prefer!

The mifold is comfortable and safe for the kids, easy to clean and transport for parents, and it’s just straight up the coolest booster we’ve ever seen. If you’re reading this and thinking, HOW do I get my hands on one of these?! Head to a nearby Canadian Tire and pick up one…or four.

Pampers Rewards App = Major #MomHack


Hey, moms! We have an amazing #momhack for you, soooo you are welcome in advance!

Pampers has a genius App that allows you to collect points every time you purchase any Pampers product. Use your phone to simply scan the barcode on the packaging, earn points, and then redeem these points for free stuff. How great is that?!

To be honest, Nat just downloaded the Pampers Rewards App and went through the entire house searching for Pampers products to scan. She found SEVEN different Pampers products (#winning) and immediately scanned them all, and it was so easy. We love watching the points grow! Cha Ching!

As moms to 7 kids (two are still in diapers), we have gone through — and will continue to go through — millions (maybe an exaggeration) of diapers and wipes. So the fact that we’re able to collect points and use them towards many different items we would need to buy anyways is a win win.

We are always trying to bring you guys information that helps make all of our lives a little easier, and an app that rewards us moms for purchasing things that are a family necessity is beyond amazing.

Here’s how it works:

1. Click here to download the new Pampers Rewards App and sign up. It’s free to join and you’ll get 100 points right off the bat, plus an extra 50 for uploading your first code! Already a member? Don’t worry, your existing points will transfer once you log into the new app.

2. Use the app to scan the codes inside every Pampers pack to earn points.

3. Redeem points for great gifts and rewards from the catalogue for you and your whole family.

Now what are you waiting for?! Go earn those rewards!

We created this post as a paid ambassador for Pampers, however, all opinions and advice are our own and we only work with companies we genuinely love and have used prior to being contacted.

Delicious Tofu Minestrone Recipe


We’re on a mission to eat healthier (minus the chocolate cake, french fries and cocktail every now and then), and we’re always looking for new recipes to try!

Luckily, we’ve found some great recipes that allow us to sneak healthy foods into meals our kids will actually eat, like this tofu minestrone recipe from Good in Every Grain’s website.

As you can imagine, tofu isn’t exactly a food our kids beg us for on the regular, but we know that it’s a healthy option for meals because it’s made of soybeans, which are high in protein and iron. Veggies aren’t always at the top of their list, either. 

So, getting tofu, onions, carrots, celery, tomatoes, beans and more into one delicious meal is like hitting the jackpot. We feel like we’ve won as moms. The fact that we can batch cook this recipe and freeze it for another day is another major mom win. When we’re rushed for time or just not in the mood to cook (which seems like every night…), we can just pull it out of the freezer and heat it up for lunch or dinner!

If your kids are like ours and are obsessed with noodles, you can add pasta to the minestrone, which makes it even more filling. But FYI – pasta doesn’t freeze well, so we recommend adding noodles into the separate batches. You can also add something on the side (grilled cheese is our go-to).

Check out the delicious tofu minestrone we made below!

Tofu Minestrone

Just kidding, we stole this picture from the Good in Every Grain website.

Our photo may not have turned out as nice as the one above, but our soup sure as heck tasted as good as that photo looks. We may be eating off of plastic yellow plates, but we made some quality minestrone our kids actually enjoyed and that, friends, is something to be proud of!

Tofu Minestrone

You can find the full recipe on Good in Every Grain’s website.

Motherhood’s Messy: Here’s How We Get Clean


We’re no parenting experts, but we like to share our tips and tricks with you guys because we’re all doing mom life together. And just like every other mom in the world, we’re all about saving time and money. So, 2-in-1 products are seriously the way to go.

Dial has 2-in-1 hair and body products for both our hubbies and our kids, which saves us from having to buy individual bottles of shampoo and body wash for them. We love that they can get everything washed at once, making showers (or baths for the little ones) quick and easy… unless the kids decide to throw it down and/or turn our entire bathroom floor into a wading pool. We also like that 2-in-1 products for them means fewer bottles in the bathroom (aka more space for all of our stuff).

The kids’ shampoo/body wash is gentle on the skin and tear free, which means we can let them be independent and in control of washing (or go buck wild in the tub) and not have to worry about stinging eyes. And we’re huge fans of the pump bottles because they’re easier for our kids to use and they don’t spill if when they knock it over. Convenient, clean, and everyone smells great too!

But in all honesty, no one appreciates bath time (well, bath time for Nat and shower time for Cat) as much as we do. It’s one of the only times in the day when we are all alone, in silence, without someone hanging off our body or yelling into our ear. It’s a beautiful time. It’s our mom break. And we cherish all three (sometimes five) minutes of it.

We’re really into the products that smell delish and make us feel like we’re at the spa because, let’s be real, a bath/shower is the closest thing us mamas are going to get to a spa. Dial Coconut Water & Mango Hydrating Body Wash has this tropical scent that makes us wish we were back on the beach, and Dial Omega Moisture with Sea Berries gives us extra moisture and hydration, which is perfect for the dry skin we’re blessed with after the longest winter of life. Omega Moisture also comes in a mini size, which is great for when we’re travelling (Miami, you’re next. We’re coming for you!).

For those unfamiliar with Dial, there is also a bunch of different hand soaps to choose from, and some even come in refillable pouches which is genius. You can keep a bottle in the kitchen and in every bathroom and just re-fill when you run out instead of having to make a trip to the store. From now until April 19th, our fellow Canadian mamas can get a deal on Dial Liquid Hand Soap using the offers on Checkout 51.

And tomorrow on Facebook Live we’ll be giving away a big basket of Dial products ($100 worth!!), so make sure you tune in at 12pm EST!

Dial Shampoo, Body Wash and Hand Soap

This post is sponsored by Dial, but all opinions are our own.

Our Hair Care Routine


As you’ve probably noticed, the two of us are always changing our hair – cutting, colouring, styling, the whole shebang. We get bored easily, so we like to switch things up as often as possible. With that being said, we were the perfect candidates to try out GLISS, the hair repair line by Schwarzkopf (which just arrived at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada).

GLISS helps to repair and restore hair, whether it’s dry and damaged from over-colouring or over-styling, flat and lifeless, or full of split ends. It’s basically the solution to every woman’s hair woes. The fact that you can get gorgeous, healthy-looking hair from your own bathroom is a huge #momwin, because who has extra time and money to spend at the salon? Not us!

Running a business and running around with seven kids keeps us pretty busy. Although we glam it up for TV segments and events every once in a while, we spend most days in Lulus with our hair thrown up in a top knot (hello, breakage). So, we are always looking for quick and easy ways to amp up our look without putting in much effort (isn’t everyone though??). We love products that offer major benefits while fitting seamlessly into our life. Because we have to shampoo and condition our hair on the regular anyway, it was pretty much a no-brainer to use products that repair our hair in the process.

There are five GLISS product ranges that help solve different hair hardships, and each range has a shampoo, a conditioner, and a treatment (a leave-in conditioner or a spray). You can use one or you can use ‘em all! We are all for mixing and matching.

GLISS hair care products

Highlighting our hair and using curling irons and straighteners to get different looks (when our hair is not pulled up into the classic mom bun, that is) has caused the need for a deep repair. For severely damaged hair, GLISS Ultimate Repair is a great place to start.

We also have dry, flat hair, so we’ve been using GLISS Ultra+ Moisture to hydrate our hair and GLISS Extra Volume to give it some lift! Since introducing GLISS to our shower/bath regime (Fun Fact: Cat’s a fan of showers, Nat’s an avid bather), we’ve noticed o ur hair has been more soft, shiny and voluminous!

There is also GLISS Color Guard, which provides colour protection for coloured, tinted or highlighted hair – perfect for us blondes. And GLISS Oil Nutritive shampoo and conditioner helps result in fewer split ends.

Guys, there is literally something for everyone!! How great is that?

If you’re interested in finding out more, make sure you check out The Cat & Nat Show live on Facebook tomorrow at 12pm EST. We’ll be talking hair woes and sharing tips and tricks, and we want to hear from you!

The Cat & Nat Show

We also got our hair tested by the GLISS Hair Repair lab before we started using these products, so we’ll be reading the results live on the show.

AND to make things even more exciting, we’re going to be doing an amazing giveaway of GLISS Hair Repair products and a $100 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card!

You won’t want to miss this! Tune in and join the conversation. We can’t wait to chat with ya!

xx Cat & Nat

This post is sponsored by GLISS, but all opinions are our own.