Mom Truths | To Our Husbands: Here’s Everything We WANT You To Do, But Don’t Actually Want You To Do


No man knows what it’s like to be a mom, but we WANT them to know what it’s like to be a mom…

We want them to feel (in their vaheen) the pain of childbirth. We want them to know the slow torture of cracked nipples. But, we realize that it’s physically impossible for them to understand these things and relate to us as moms.

So, we’re hoping that if we explain ourselves by listing off all the things women want their husbands to do but not do, they will finally get it.

  1. I want you to be more capable as a dad, but that would mean I need to give you the power to do things and I don’t want to give up the job – I just want you to know that the job is hard.
  2. I want you to do it (“it” being all the things), but I don’t actually want you to do it because I’m positive you’re going to do it wrong.
  3. I know you want me to go out for a girls’ night, but I’m not going out because I don’t want to go out, and I’m going to be pissed if you go out for a guys’ night.
  4. I want you to dress the baby, so I don’t have to do it all the time. But not in THAT outfit.
  5. I want you to take me away for a weekend, but I don’t want to leave the kids. So I just want you to want to take me away for the weekend.
  6. I want you to want me and make a move, but I don’t want to have sex.
  7. I want you to surprise me with the things I love but I don’t want you to spend any money.

It’s so simple. Give us what we want but don’t actually give it to us.

We’re crazy but we’re really NOT that crazy… men just don’t get us women. Hopefully this #MOMTRUTH video helps!

Mom Truths | Why Moms Lose Their Sh*t So Often


Once you become a mom, there are approximately 1,852 things that will cause you to lose your sh*t at any given time. Here are just a few of those things…

  1. When your spouse is sitting on the couch, right in front of our kid, yet your child feels the need to walk upstairs, open the bathroom door, walk in, ask why it smells and then proceed to ask you to open their yogurt drink.
  2. When you go to a restaurant and sit down to a meal (that YOU didn’t have to cook), and your kid has to go to the bathroom at that exact moment. They didn’t have to go before they left the house (you made sure to ask them), but the minute you sit down to have a glass of wine and a hot meal, THAT’S when they have to go.
  3. When you spend all your time planning meals, thinking about the nutritional value of the food you’re serving, going grocery shopping, and cooking dinner just so your kid can take two bites and say they’re done. To top it off, they tell you they’re hungry as soon as you’ve cleared the table.
  4. When you have to remind your kids every. single. night. (like it’s the first time they’ve heard it) that they have to brush their teeth.
  5. When you go to leave the house and your kid thinks for some reason that today they absolutely don’t have to wear socks.
  6. When you get your kid a glass of water and they spill it EVERYWHERE, every time.
  7. When your kids turn the house into a complete disaster and are shocked/mad when you ask them to clean up their toys.
  8. When your kids have been at school all day, yet 20 seconds into the ride home they’re ready to rip each other’s heads off.
  9. When you give your kids a bath and they create a freaking tsunami in the tub, splashing all of the water onto the floor.
  10. When your kid says “snack” – that word is literally on repeat all dang day.
  11. When you’ve done 17 hundred loads of laundry, and your kid comes down the stairs saying they have nothing to wear.

Moms, don’t let other moms tell you they don’t lose their minds. Don’t let them fool you. There are things that piss us all off and we ALL lose our shit on the daily. Check out our latest #MOMTRUTH below!

Mom Truths | Going Back to Work


To all employers who question whether or not they should hire a mom after she has taken time off with the kids, let us enlighten you…

Here are just some of the reasons why hiring a mom will be the best decision you’ll ever make.

  1. Moms can accomplish more in one hour than most people can get done in a day.
  2. Moms don’t need breaks. We don’t need lunch, because we live off crust and crumbs. And we never go to the washroom anymore – not until the very end of the day when everything else is taken care of.
  3. Moms are more than capable of dividing our time effectively and focusing on the task at hand. We get it done right, and we get it done fast, even if we’re surrounded by a bunch of annoying people who won’t stop talking to us.
  4. Moms have excellent communication skills and exude confidence when doing presentations or public speaking. We’ve been talking to a bunch of loud little people, teachers, doctors, etc. for forever, so we know how to command attention and get the message across.
  5. Moms have incredible problem solving skills, simply because we are a hostage in a hostage situation every dang day.
  6. Moms are great negotiators. Not only can we negotiate, but we’ll get you the best deal there is.
  7. Moms have completed more schooling than most people (JK, SK, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 – we’ve done it all, three times!!)
  8. Moms are peacemakers
  9. Moms are multitaskers
  10. Moms are team players
  11. Moms are the hardest workers you’ll ever meet

So, employers: it is in your best interest to hire moms. Check out our latest #MOMTRUTH video for more!


Mom Truths | TOO MANY KIDS!


With seven children between the two of us, it’s safe to say we have a lot of kids. But how many kids is too many kids? Let us tell you…

You know you have too many kids when:

  1. You don’t know who is who anymore.
  2. You don’t know which kid is what age and God forbid someone asks for a birth date.
  3. The bedtime routine is never ending – bath, massage, songs, chit chat, stories  (aaand repeat for every single kid).
  4. Bathtime is a huge waste of water when you bathe your kids separately, and if you’re brave enough to put them in the tub together, you’ll end up with a wading pool on your bathroom floor (which is also a waste of water…).
  5. Mealtime is a waste of time. You make multiple meals for multiple kids, and none of it actually gets eaten. Instead, all they want is crap food and the baby eats Cheerios off the floor.
  6. Birthday parties are straight up nightmares rather than the extravagant, themed parties they used to be. Instead of inviting extended family, friends, and neighbours, you boycott the celebration altogether. You don’t have time or money to throw one kid a birthday party let alone ALL of them.
  7. Buying and receiving new baby gear and toys is no longer exciting. With every kid you’ve added to the mix, you’ve added more sh*t to the house and it’s just too much and you need to clear it out NOW.
  8. You stop encouraging your little one to participate in various activities. Now you only sign them up for what they ask for because you’re not a bank, nor are you a taxi service.

Check out our latest #MOMTRUTH video below!




Mom Truths | New Parenting Styles


When did parenting styles become a thing? And WHY are there so many?

When we were kids, our parents got us out of bed, got us dressed, got us fed, and put us to bed. That was that.

Now there are like 700 different parenting styles – the tiger, the bear, the helicopter, attachment, authoritative…and the list goes on. and on. and on.

Well, not to make life even more complicated for everyone, but we decided to add a few more parenting styles to the list:

  1. “Where the F*CK is my coffee” parenting style
  2. “I’m just trying to make it through the day without falling apart” parenting style
  3. “I’m trying to look like a person, NOT like a hot mess mom” parenting style
  4. “IDGAF (I don’t give a f*ck) about what anyone thinks” parenting style
  5. “I’m just going to follow my own instincts and not read any of your books” parenting style
  6. “No guilt” parenting style
  7. “You worry about you” parenting style
  8. “Zero peer pressure” parenting style
  9. “I don’t care about your parenting style and you shouldn’t care about mine” parenting style
  10. “Happy family” parenting style
  11. “I’m just going to do the best I can and love my kids” parenting style

To learn more about our new parenting styles, watch our latest #MOMTRUTH !!

Mom Truths | Motherhood Is a Hangover


If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably experienced a hangover once or twice before (…or more, let’s be honest). And if you have kids, you probably know the similarities between a hangover and a day in the life of a mom are uncanny. For those who aren’t familiar with one or the other, or both, let us enlighten you:

  1. When you first wake up in the morning, you’re a little groggy. You didn’t get much sleep. You don’t look good. And your brain is rattling. It’s a brand new day, yet you already look tired, weathered and wrung out.
  2. Your ears are sensitive to all the noises around you. Everything is so loud. SO LOUD. You just want to mute everyone and everything around you, lay in a dark room (in complete silence) and not move.
  3. When it comes to food, you grab whatever you can to make yourself feel okay. You think you can eat, you want to eat, but you just can’t. It’s like a constant tease.
  4. Your body feels like it’s having a constant panic attack. You’re anxious, you’re sweaty, you’re shaking, and you’re having palpitations.
  5. You try to focus, but you just can’t concentrate. It’s like your brain turned into legitimate mush.
  6. You’re dying for a nap at any point throughout the day, even if you can’t sleep. You just need a few minutes to yourself to re-coup.

Motherhood is basically one massive hangover without the drinking and the fun… Check out our latest #MOMTRUTH video to see what we mean!