Mom Truths | Moms Through the Decades


Shoot ya’ll ! What the f*ck happened to us?

Motherhood has clearly evolved over the years, but we can’t say we’re happy about it.

Moms used to be super lenient when it came to parenting, and their children still survived (can you believe it?!). Nowadays, there’s literally nothing a mom can do right.

Never has there been such high expectations on us as moms and never has there been so much judgement.

So if it were up to us, we’d go back to the way things used to be when…

50’s Moms didn’t have to kid-proof life. Somehow children knew to use their common sense.

60’s Moms were allowed to discipline their own children AND the kids running around in the street without getting a death stare from other parents.

70’s  Moms: got together to have fun and drink martinis at 3pm, not to judge one another.

80’s Moms: weren’t pressured to prepare gourmet casseroles for the family. They just fed the kids and moved on.

90’s Moms: packed lunches full of snacks and were considered the “cool mom.”

As today’s moms, we make it so dang hard on ourselves. So let’s quit this new/crazy form of parenting and go back to the way things used to be!!

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Mom Truths | Mom Shaming Stops HERE


No matter what you do as a mom, it’s not going to be right…according to women who want to tell you how it is and how to be, even though you’re trying your dang hardest!

We often talk about the challenges of motherhood, but no one ever talks about the challenges we put on each other as women and as moms.

It’s like you can never be mom enough. Someone is always going to tell you you’re doing it wrong…

If you look banging, you have low self-esteem because you spend too much time doing your makeup.

If you workout, you’re too skinny and unhealthy.

If you’ve had Botox, you’re not setting a good example for your daughter.

If you’ve completely given up and look like a disaster, you need to stop obsessing over your children and focus on yourself.

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you need to get out of the stretchy pants and put on some real clothes.

If you’re a working mom, you don’t dedicate enough time to your kids.

We are each other’s worst critics and it NEEDS TO STOP. Instead of judging one another, we need to smile at each other, build each other up, respect each other and know that we’re all in this together.

You’re doing a GREAT job. NEVER forget that.

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Mom Truths | Why Mommy Drinks


There are SO MANY reasons why us moms need a hot minute to ourselves to enjoy a glass (or three) of wine. Here are just a few of them…

  • Labour
  • The six-week mark when you get the OK to do the dirty
  • Nap time, bath time, bedtime
  • Long days
  • Two-year-olds
  • Playdates
  • Christmas concerts, Spring concerts, curriculum nights
  • In-laws
  • Caillou, Elmo, The Wiggles
  • Snowsuits, carseats
  • Family road-trips
  • Crying, hitting, biting, screaming
  • Laundry
  • Doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, shots
  • Date nights

And the list goes on and on and on, but we’re just going to stop here because thinking about all of this really makes us want a cocktail 🍸

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Mom Truths | The Bachelorette: Mom Edition


With a new season of The Bachelor starting up again, we had an epiphany. Motherhood is exactly like that dang show (minus the delicious cocktails and make out sessions).

We are the bachelor/bachelorette and our children are the contestants. Stick with us – we’ll break it down for you.

  1. A one-on-one date seems like a good idea at the time, but it always leads to issues. It’s nice to spend some quality time with someone, but once you get back to the house, all hell breaks loose and everyone is pissed at you for taking out just one of them.
  2. When you go on a group outing, someone is always crying. There is always one who feels left out and like they didn’t get enough attention. And there is always someone who finds a way to get the spotlight on them – for reasons that aren’t always good.
  3. When you get alone time, you’re often interrupted by someone storming into your room and trying to get in bed with you – naked! If you’re alone, someone will hunt you down and find you. Nothing will stop them.
  4. They’re always tattling on one another. They throw each other under the bus in hopes of getting each other in trouble. But what they don’t realize is that tattling on someone else doesn’t make them look better, it makes them look worse.
  5. On any given day, someone is creating drama just to stir the pot.
  6. There is always fighting between at least two of them and usually over the most ridiculous things.

So there you have it – the similarities are uncanny. Who knew we were living the lives of the bachelor/bachelorette every dang day?

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Mom Truths | What They DON’T Tell You About Childbirth


As moms to seven kids, we feel it’s our responsibility to let you know what to actually expect when you have a baby. Because everything that you thought would be, is NOT – it’s actually the exact opposite.

Don’t think that you’re going to pop the champagne from the hospital bed and celebrate the fact that you’re a new mom.


You’re going to put your hair up and never take it out, at least not for the next two years. (Don’t worry, you won’t be looking in the mirror anytime soon, so you won’t even realize what a disaster you are.)

You’re going to get an ice pack for your swollen, sore, pulsating, unrecognizable cooch.

You’re going to buy yourself some comfortable underwear that’s large enough to cover the pooch and hold ALL the padding.

You’re going to spritz your vagina three times a day.

You’re going to use laxatives so that you don’t push your uterus right out of your body when you poop.

And you’re going to watch our latest #MOMTRUTH video to prepare yourself and laugh at the fact that we’ve all been there and you’re so not alone.

Mom Truths | What Moms REALLY Want for Christmas


‘Tis the season for holiday lists and Christmas gifts.

Well, we’re here to tell ya that there is NOTHING in the world a mom wants more than to be appreciated for all the things she does for her family day in and day out.

It’s honestly that simple. We don’t have high expectations for Christmas. In fact, we have ZERO expectations for Christmas. We know the kids won’t behave, we know they’ll be overwhelmed and overtired, we know they won’t eat the food we cook, we know we’ll have to wrap all our own gifts that we bought for ourselves, and we know we’ll be the ones doing all the work. We know all these things!

All we’re asking for is the appreciation that we not only need but that we freaking deserve.

All we want is for our kids (even if it’s just one of them) to look at us and say, “Mom, I appreciate all the things that you’ve done this holiday. It literally could not have happened without you.”

We’d love a hand-written thank-you letter with a (long) list of things about us that they’re grateful for, you know?

We don’t need expensive, extravagant presents, shopping sprees, vacations, spa days or time alone. We’d give every one of those things up for one magical moment on Christmas where we feel appreciated. Is that too much to ask?

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