Mom Truths | Child’s Punishment = Mom Dream


There are many things about motherhood we don’t quite understand, but we are legitimately mind-blown when it comes to our children’s “punishments” because they are things that us moms can only dream of.

We would LOVE…

…to be put down for a nap or a full night’s sleep without any interruptions – the room set to a perfect temperature and filled with relaxing sounds and the windows covered by black out blinds. That seriously sounds like the sweetest dream of all time.

…to be sent to our room without being allowed to talk to anyone. Umm, yes, please! Give us a timeout. We need a minute alone in peace.

…to be forced to stay home from a party. Thank God! We didn’t want to socialize with anyone anyways. Or get dressed. Or move in general.

…to be asked to finish everything on our plate. A full plate, our own plate, all to ourselves? We’re used to scarfing down crusts while standing over the counter, so this sounds amazing.

…to be told to take a bath. YES! We’d love to take a bath. We will lay in that bath for hours if you let us.

Seriously, what is going on in this world? Kids don’t even realize how good they have it. Every single thing they complain about is the same thing us moms dream about. We want to be punished every dang day!

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Mom Truths | Back to School Resolutions


Summer is almost over (and for some of you it has already ended!). Somehow it managed to simultaneously drag on for what felt like an eternity but also go by in the blink of an eye – figure that one out…

Now everyone is talking about back to school. For moms, back to school is like a new year. Seriously, when we think about the year, moms think September to June (not January to December like most people).

Back to school is a fresh start for moms, a clean slate. We think about how this year is going to be different (better) than last year. We think about how we’re going to improve: we’ll be more organized, get more involved, be more patient… the list goes on. And we research ways that we can make our lives easier, so we’re not running around looking like hot messes every dang day.

Here are just a few of our Back to School Resolutions:

  • Meal prep for the week on Sunday, so the kids can help pack their own Bento box lunches each day. Plan ahead and bulk cook to make dinners easier. And introduce a new fruit or vegetable daily.
  • Ditch the four hundred thousand pieces of tupperware for two good sets.
  • Label all the kids’ sh*t, including their containers, so when they lose their things (which is a guarantee), we can hit up the lost and found and know what’s ours.
  • Implement a quiet reading time, so the kids can relax and grow their mind.
  • Make hangers for every day of the week, and have the kids pick their outfits on Sunday so there aren’t arguments or negotiations every single morning.
  • Create a mailbox near the front door for the influx of forms that come home for us to sign.
  • Have a bin for each kid – shoes, hats, mitts, gloves all go in the bin as soon as they step in the door to keep our house from looking like a legit tornado ripped through it.

Moms, we make promises that this year’s going to be different, that we’re going to get it together, but we’ve been making unrealistic resolutions for four years now and nothing sticks. Nothing changes.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Whatever it is you’re doing (or not doing), you’re doing a good job!

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Sun Safety for the Summer


As moms, we’re always trying to do what’s best for our kids to help keep them healthy and protected. We know there is a lot of talk about sun safety, as well as confusion around the right supplements to give kids, so we’ve partnered with Jamieson Vitamins to break it down for everyone.

We spend a ton of time outdoors in the summer. While Nat’s in the Cape, Cat’s up north at the cottage, and then we reunite in mid-July and the kids go buck wild in the backyard together.

Cat & Nat's kids

Our crew loves spending their days outside playing sports, running through the sprinkler, jumping on the trampoline, riding bikes, scooters and whatever else they can find. And we love it, too, because it helps keep our houses somewhat intact and it wipes these little people out on the daily. 🙌

With that being said, it’s super important that we teach our kids about sun safety and how to protect ourselves from UV-rays that cause skin cancer and permanent skin damage. To keep it simple, we focus on the 4Ss – use sunscreen SPF30+, seek shade, don’t lose your sun style and supplement with vitamin D.

Swim rashie

When we’re out in the sun, we lather on SPF 30 or higher and we cover up with sunglasses, hats, and rashies. Funny story – Cat is so paranoid about sun damage that she’s always making her kids wear swim shirts over their bathing suits, but this lead Max (Cat’s son) to believe that he’s not allowed to walk around without a shirt on because it’s inappropriate to go topless!! Poor guy was convinced that he couldn’t expose his knuckles (our kids’ term for boy nipples), but in reality, Cat just wants to protect him from the sun. 😂

Sun hat

Since the sun’s rays are strongest between 11am and 3pm or any time that UV Index is 3 or more, we limit the amount of time we’re in the sun. This is the perfect opportunity to have lunch and some downtime either inside or in the shade, or if you’re like Nat, it’s the prime time to lie down in bed…

Despite what many people may think, the sun isn’t the safest source of Vitamin D. Instead of exposing yourself to dangerous UV rays, you can take a vitamin D supplement.

Jamieson Vitamin D comes in sprays, chewables, tablets, soft gels and liquid drops, and all of them have a yellow cap to help remind us to take them on sunny days, because ya’ll know we need all the reminders we can get. Our kids take Jamieson’s Vitamin D Kids Chewable, and it’s honestly the easiest way to get them the Vitamin D they need. The fact that the vitamins taste good is just a bonus.

Let us know how you and your fam spend the summer and share your sun safety tips with us!

We created this post in partnership with Jamieson Vitamins, but all opinions are our own.

Mom Truths | We’re NOT Going to Miss…


Every time we complain about our kids, we’re told by someone (typically an older family member, friend, or random lady in the grocery store who is passing our cart just as the youngest is throwing it down) that we’re going to miss this. We’re told we need to enjoy every single second of childhood because it’s magical and these little people grow up so fast.


No, thanks?

Here are just a few of the things we’re NOT going to miss about having young kids:

  1. Changing dirty, crappy, blowout diapers on the daily.
  2. Cleaning up the small lake on our bathroom floor after the most outrageous (and highly unnecessary) splash fight.
  3. Being followed around literally everywhere, all the time.
  4. The inconsistency and unpredictably of a toddler.
  5. Being asked a thousand, million questions – repeated questions, questions that don’t even make sense, questions we don’t have the answers to, any and all questions.
  6. Slaving over a hot stove to prepare a healthy, well-balanced meal that NO ONE eats.
  7. Waking up every hour throughout the night after one (or more) kid comes into our room and crawls into bed with us.
  8. The constant screaming, yelling, fighting, and utter chaos.
  9. Having to reach into the backseat to find a sippy cup, soother, and/or snacks, all while answering those thousand, million questions and trying not to crash the car.
  10. Dealing with the dreaded witching hour, which takes place between 5-7pm every. single. freaking. night.

Honestly, the years may go by fast, but the days go by so, so slow.

Here’s to all the moms like us who don’t love these precious moments because we’re too overwhelmed and exhausted to function let alone enjoy it all.

It’s going to get better. Hang in there!

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Mom Truths | 5 Lies You Believe Leading Into Motherhood


We’re usually bringing you all the truths about motherhood, but hot dang there are a lot of lies!! So, we needed to break it down for you and share the top 5 biggest lies about mom life.

  1. You’ll have mother’s intuition, which you can simply just follow without any worry in the world.
  2. Motherhood is so natural.
  3. Kids eat when they’re hungry.
  4. Parenting experts can fix all your problems.
  5. Children bring you closer together in your marriage.

If you want to know why these are the world’s biggest mom myths, check out our latest #MOMTRUTH video down below!

Mom Truths | Girls Night Out


It’s no secret that moms don’t get out as much as we used to (or we’d like to). But the odd time we do trade in the mom uniform and kids for the heels and cocktails, we go through about 27 different head spaces the week leading up to our much-needed night out AND during it!

On Monday, we’re pumped. The emails and texts are going back and forth and planning is in full force. We are so excited about spending Friday night with our girls and we’re literally counting down the days.

Friday rolls around (the week somehow, simultaneously, dragged on forever while flying by before we could blink), it’s 4pm and we’re fading reeeeaalllll fast. Feeling like we’re about to crash and burn, we come up with so many excuses in our head about how the heck we can get out of this. We’re about to back out when we realize all of the judgement we’ll have to face if we bail, not to mention we’ll never be invited out again because we’re big losers who can’t commit.

So, we pull ourselves together. We’re strong. We’re capable. We pushed human beings out of our bodies for goodness sakes. We got this. We’re back into a good head space until we come upon our next hurdle – getting ready.

SH*T, ya’ll! We haven’t done our makeup in two years and our go-to hairstyle is dry shampoo and a questionable top knot. So, we watch YouTube tutorials for a few pointers, we find an outfit that hides the mom pooch (aka we pair Spanx with basically anything in our closet that doesn’t have stains and/or rips), and we get in the Uber before we can change our mind (or our outfit…for the third time).

We get to the resto and sit around chit chatting with our crew. Just a bunch of small talk and catching up. We happily tell stories about our amazing lives, and everything is just great.

One drink in and we realize just how long it has been since we’ve gotten out of the house and actually had a conversation with another adult that’s lasted for more than three minutes. We also realize that dancing is a must and another drink is definitely a must.

As more drinks are poured, the stories get a little more real. Seriously, the alcohol goes in and the mom truths comes out. Emotions are running high and low (and high again) until 10:30 hits and we crash HARD.

Yep – that’s it, that’s all! It’s over. That’s a girls night for moms. And let us tell you, it is a GOOD time.

Moms, go out and act a fool. It doesn’t matter if it’s only once every few months. You need to make it happen. You need your girls, you need your fun, you need your time to let loose and say all the ridiculous things you’ve been thinking and feeling, and you need to giggle your freaking face off – because you better believe laughter is the best medicine.

Watch the video below to see how our girls nights usually go! Sometimes they involve 7 outfit changes, flying, table dancing, and they’ve even ended like this lol…