Mom Truths | Why Me?


We’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be a woman and a mom. And the one thing we can’t quite wrap our head around is the fact that just because we were born with a vagina, we somehow inherited all of these jobs that men could do just as well as us.

Seriously, guys! Why is it that women are responsible for everything? Literally. Everything. 

Why are we responsible for going grocery shopping when the fridge is empty? They know when we’re out of the basic necessities. They know how to drive. And they know how to put items into a cart and then pay for said items. So, we have complete faith that they would totally nail it at this whole grocery shopping thing.

Why are we the ones who have to clean up after everyone? Our husbands are bigger and can therefore cover more space in less amount of time, so they’d be much more efficient cleaners. It only makes sense, right?

Why are we in charge of all things related to our children’s academics? We’re pretty positive our hubbies want our kids to be just as educated as we do, so why are we always the ones scheduling parent-teacher interviews, supervising field trips, helping with homework, etc.?

Why are we responsible for learning 1400 different parenting techniques and trying them ALL in order to find something that works for our family? We know dads want to raise good, kind people, too, so why is the pressure all on us?!

We are responsible for the planning, organizing and executing of all things, no matter how big or small. We are responsible for keeping these little people alive (not to mention we were responsible for growing them in our stomach for nine months and then giving birth to them). We are responsible for keeping our household up and running. And to top it off, we’re responsible for keeping ourselves from going absolutely insane due to all of the things we’re responsible for!

Holy, it’s exhausting.

We may just have to go on strike. We know the men in our lives are fully capable of doing all the things we do. And if they don’t know what they’re doing, they can Google it…just like we do. They can learn by trial and error…just like we do. We’re failing it and nailing it every dang day and we know they are capable of doing the same.

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Mom Truths | Sh*t Moms NEVER Say


Once you have kids, there are certain statements that we can absolutely guarantee will NEVER come out of your mouth EVER again.

The truth is, you’ll develop a whole new vocabulary as a mom, but this sh*t will not be a part of it.

I feel so well-rested. I think I got too much sleep last night. 

Kids on the bed

I love how my kids are always smiling and always happy, all the time.

Toddler throwing tantrum

My house is so quiet.

Full house

This morning I don’t even need a coffee. I feel so awake and totally great!

Cat drinking coffee

I never have a “To-Do” list. It’s really nice to be able to make myself a priority. 

Cat juggling mom life.

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Mom Truths | You Will DEFINITELY Mess Up Your Kids


After analyzing (almost) all of the parenting advice and stats out there, we’ve come to one definite conclusion:

No matter what you do in life, you are going to eff up your kids. 

It seems that there will always be an opinion about how you choose to parent. One person (family member, friend, parenting expert, random person on the street, some researcher who has conducted some study) will tell you it’s the right way to do something, but someone else (insert same list of people here) is going to tell you it’s the wrong way.

Sleep train your baby because they need 12 hours of sleep, but don’t sleep train your baby because it’s going to give them anxiety and separation problems.

Let your kids be bored because it will allow them to take initiative and develop their creativity and imagination. But don’t let them get too bored because then they’ll get into drugs, naturally.

Make sure you go back to work because you need to set a good example of an independent woman who can take care of herself, but also stay home because your kids need their mom…

The list of do’s and don’ts goes on and on and on. And on. And we’ve realized that you’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t.

But we’ve also realized that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks! As long as we’re all doing what we think is best for our kids and our family then that is enough. We are doing a good job!!

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Motherhood’s Messy: Here’s How We Get Clean


We’re no parenting experts, but we like to share our tips and tricks with you guys because we’re all doing mom life together. And just like every other mom in the world, we’re all about saving time and money. So, 2-in-1 products are seriously the way to go.

Dial has 2-in-1 hair and body products for both our hubbies and our kids, which saves us from having to buy individual bottles of shampoo and body wash for them. We love that they can get everything washed at once, making showers (or baths for the little ones) quick and easy… unless the kids decide to throw it down and/or turn our entire bathroom floor into a wading pool. We also like that 2-in-1 products for them means fewer bottles in the bathroom (aka more space for all of our stuff).

The kids’ shampoo/body wash is gentle on the skin and tear free, which means we can let them be independent and in control of washing (or go buck wild in the tub) and not have to worry about stinging eyes. And we’re huge fans of the pump bottles because they’re easier for our kids to use and they don’t spill if when they knock it over. Convenient, clean, and everyone smells great too!

But in all honesty, no one appreciates bath time (well, bath time for Nat and shower time for Cat) as much as we do. It’s one of the only times in the day when we are all alone, in silence, without someone hanging off our body or yelling into our ear. It’s a beautiful time. It’s our mom break. And we cherish all three (sometimes five) minutes of it.

We’re really into the products that smell delish and make us feel like we’re at the spa because, let’s be real, a bath/shower is the closest thing us mamas are going to get to a spa. Dial Coconut Water & Mango Hydrating Body Wash has this tropical scent that makes us wish we were back on the beach, and Dial Omega Moisture with Sea Berries gives us extra moisture and hydration, which is perfect for the dry skin we’re blessed with after the longest winter of life. Omega Moisture also comes in a mini size, which is great for when we’re travelling (Miami, you’re next. We’re coming for you!).

For those unfamiliar with Dial, there is also a bunch of different hand soaps to choose from, and some even come in refillable pouches which is genius. You can keep a bottle in the kitchen and in every bathroom and just re-fill when you run out instead of having to make a trip to the store. From now until April 19th, our fellow Canadian mamas can get a deal on Dial Liquid Hand Soap using the offers on Checkout 51.

And tomorrow on Facebook Live we’ll be giving away a big basket of Dial products ($100 worth!!), so make sure you tune in at 12pm EST!

Dial Shampoo, Body Wash and Hand Soap

This post is sponsored by Dial, but all opinions are our own.

Mom Truths | First Baby vs. Second & Third Baby


We’ve done this whole “having a baby” thing a few times now, and one thing we’ve learned is that motherhood looks a heck of a lot different the second, third and fourth time around!

With the first baby, everything is new and exciting (and absolutely terrifying), and you go above and beyond to try and be the perfect mom and give your baby the perfect life (which FYI is 100% impossible).

But when you throw a few more kids into the mix things change, including the pregnancy, the birth, the activities, the food, and pretty much everything else.

The one thing that doesn’t change is the crazy amount of love you have for each little person you bring into the world. And that love will always be enough.

Cat’s third baby, Chloe, enjoying a well-balanced dinner.


Nat’s fourth baby, TJ, turned two and we didn’t realize it was his birthday until family called to wish him a happy birthday! True story. Sorry, TJ.


Chloe mowing down on Goldfish in the middle of the street, because why not, right?


Chloe and TJ playing with their new toys…


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Mom Truths | How Hanging Out With Drunk People Prepares You For Motherhood


You will never really know what it’s like to be a parent until you become one. But if you want a pretty good idea of what to expect, we recommend doing one thing in particular:


Seriously. Being around drunk people is oddly similar to being around babies. So if you want to prepare for kids, this is the best way to do it!

How are these tiny little people the same as your not-so-sober friends? Let us tell you…

  1. They need to be physically touching you all the time.
  2. They have no filter and say the most inappropriate things.
  3. They are going to barf on you at any second. Be prepared.
  4. They are close talkers and loud talkers, which can be a highly annoying combo.
  5. They say the same things and ask the same questions over and over and over again.
  6. They are relentless. They never want to sleep. They just want to keep going ALL NIGHT LONG without any concern for how tired you may be.
  7. They will throw it down if you try and stop the fun. So good luck with that.
  8. They are ridiculously hard to contain.

Even though they are a piece of work and can make you a little bit crazy, they show you so much love and you just can’t help but love them right back.

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