Mom Truths | Back to School Resolutions

Summer is almost over (and for some of you it has already ended!). Somehow it managed to simultaneously drag on for what felt like an eternity but also go by in the blink of an eye – figure that one out…

Now everyone is talking about back to school. For moms, back to school is like a new year. Seriously, when we think about the year, moms think September to June (not January to December like most people).

Back to school is a fresh start for moms, a clean slate. We think about how this year is going to be different (better) than last year. We think about how we’re going to improve: we’ll be more organized, get more involved, be more patient… the list goes on. And we research ways that we can make our lives easier, so we’re not running around looking like hot messes every dang day.

Here are just a few of our Back to School Resolutions:

  • Meal prep for the week on Sunday, so the kids can help pack their own Bento box lunches each day.┬áPlan ahead and bulk cook to make dinners easier. And introduce a new fruit or vegetable daily.
  • Ditch the four hundred thousand pieces of tupperware for two good sets.
  • Label all the kids’ sh*t, including their containers, so when they lose their things (which is a guarantee), we can hit up the lost and found and know what’s ours.
  • Implement a quiet reading time, so the kids can relax and grow their mind.
  • Make hangers for every day of the week, and have the kids pick their outfits on Sunday so there aren’t arguments or negotiations every single morning.
  • Create a mailbox near the front door for the influx of forms that come home for us to sign.
  • Have a bin for each kid – shoes, hats, mitts, gloves all go in the bin as soon as they step in the door to keep our house from looking like a legit tornado ripped through it.

Moms, we make promises that this year’s going to be different, that we’re going to get it together, but we’ve been making unrealistic resolutions for four years now and nothing sticks. Nothing changes.

Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Whatever it is you’re doing (or not doing), you’re doing a good job!

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