Becel | The Art of Blending by Becel®

On March 1st, we had the pleasure of attending the launch of Canada’s first-ever Blend Bar by Becel®. The buzz of the evening was electric! The event was held at Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens, and the atmosphere was inviting and interactive.

Becel Blend Bar     Natalie at the Becel Blend Bar

We had such a fun time learning how fresh, homemade margarine can be made and were able to watch as it was created right in front of us!  Canadian healthy living expert Rose Reisman explained the art of blending and walked us through the simple process of pressing sunflower and canola seeds into oils, then mixing those oils together and pairing them with common household ingredients like salt and lemon juice to make fresh margarine.

Not only did we get to experience homemade margarine being made, but we also got to try out the Becel® you love with simpler ingredients, which is free of any artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. Michelin-Star celebrity Chef Graham Elliot used Becel® to prepare some tasty dishes for us to enjoy!  He captivated the audience’s attention with his great tips and engaging personality.

Michelin-Star celebrity Chef Graham Elliot

We had the chance to chat with Rose and Graham, and we also ran into some familiar faces, including Yummy Mummy Club’s Erica Ehm! An informative food prep session, a yummy meal, great company and wine, of course, made for a great evening at the Blend Bar by Becel® launch. Who knew margarine could be so much fun!?

Catherine and Natalie with Rose Reisman and Graham Elliot           Catherine with Erica Ehm

We captured the night on video, so make sure you watch our vlog below. You can also enjoy the Blend Bar by Becel® yourself! From now until March 20th, 2016, visit the Blend Bar by Becel® at Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens, 60 Carlton Street, to learn about the origins of margarine and how it can be used to prepare heart-healthy dishes.

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